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Sandbox Politics

I always get the left & right stuff mixed up. I think it's partly because they both play in the sand box and a little of each stick to each other and here in Canada the terms are many times  opposite to what is used in the US. The media we listen to flows between the two countries being so close. What happens in the US effects us more than what happens in Canada effects them. Demografics, Population, Land Mass, Trade is the big one. US is Canada's largest trading "partner" I think. I am no expert on this, however that is the ghist of it. So I am going to just play a bit in the sandbox and dump  some lumps and links here and revist from time to time. ~ Tim


I think of cats playing in the sandbox, just my experience from being on the farm. Looks like the writer of this link below had experience with proper dogs


If you wish, this is an invitation for sharing with your contacts, copy paste or use the sharing feature "Please check out this local EDA Facebook page centered in the area that many of my friends live. There is going to be a provincial election next June , there is lots to think about, IMHO it's #TimeForChange the New Blue Party of Ontario welcomes you to take a firm step in the best direction, one step at a time ~Tim Ross Founding President, CFO, New Blue Party Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands & Rideau Lakes EDA
Thinking about stepping, firm step = yes, the best direction = that's subjective kinda, let's think about that, if you step left left left  or you step right right right , your going in a circle and your kinda limited in were you are going to go. Better to march, step, head  in the best directtion.  That direction requires a bit of both , or franly your just chasing your tail or someones coat tail. 
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Space - Mars - Earth

Interesting email this morning, 


The Big Idea


Image of Mars via NASA / JPL-CALTECH

What NASA landing on Mars means for business on Earth

Yesterday marked the end of the Perseverance rover’s 300m mile journey to Mars and the start of a 687-day mission to better understand whether the planet would make for a nice place to live.

Costs for development and operation of the rover will likely total $2.4B

… But the benefits on Earth are likely worth far more

Since the 1960s, NASA’s Mars programs have led to countless innovations, including materials for heart surgeries, methane-leak detectors, and -- importantly -- carbonating beer.

With Perseverance, it’s no different:

·  Honeybee Robotics developed drill bits for the rover’s robotic arm that were also commercialized for use with standard drills

·  Tempo Automation simulated designs for NASA’s circuit boards and then discovered the technology’s utility in the broader circuit manufacturing process

·  Tech in Photon Systems’ spectroscopy tool for Perseverance is being tested for use in pharmaceuticals, food processing, and wastewater management

More and more companies are building for space

For Perseverance, Maxar Technologies built a robotic arm to scoop samples, Northrop Grumman built navigational sensors, and drone company AeroVironment helped build the rover’s onboard helicopter.

Just this week, Axiom Space raised $130m to build the first commercial space station, while SpaceX raised $850m to fund future missions.

As space travel and exploration have become more popular, other companies have specialized in building anything from wrenches for astronauts to zero-gravity espresso machines for the ISS.

But most money is in the ‘space-for-earth’ business

Known as the space-for-earth economy, goods and services sent to space for use on Earth -- including for telecommunications, Earth observation, and national security -- made up 95% of the $366B in 2019 space sector revenues.

But as costs decrease and successful missions attract new entrants, expect both the space-for-earth and space-for-space economies to scale up.

For now, the Perseverance rover’s clearest immediate impact on Earth is, without a doubt, limited edition Krispy Kreme Mars doughnuts.

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Farm & Homestead Click Start

Advice for a beginner homesteader

Get chickens first, eggs & meat , easy, fairly inexpensive , then go for pigs ......

Pigs are good for the soul, you will get to love and hate them, they are pretty smart, I started a fb page recently, your welcome to follow us , start your own page and document the adventure , good memories will follow 


I will post a view play lists that I have created over time , they may be of value to you, listen to them while your driving and doing chores , get a head set if you do not have one and a robust data plan, lots of good podcasts out there as well

Farm Finance

Meadow Life

Homestead PLans

The Ross Ranch


I would follow Joel Salatin

Lots of other lists, create lists as you specialize

Bio Security




Fields to Forks

Food Creations

Seed Saving


Ranch Cooking


Have some Fungi Fun


Besure and follow Doug & Stacy



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Cool IDEA from the PAST

PEAK Disclosure - Click to Keep It Cool

Came across this in my email this morning, it's a cool reflection on how a idea became the standard in recrational facilities. Enjoy the artcile, and log into the Hustle to get more of these cool finds ~ TLR 



The man who invented the Zamboni

How the son of Italian immigrants created a niche industry for ice resurfacing machines and turned his family’s name into a noun.

BY Zachary Crockett

As the great sage Charlie Brown once said: “There are 3 things in life that people like to stare at: a flowing stream, a crackling fire, and a Zamboni clearing the ice.”

Watching one of these machines glide across a skating rink, restoring carved-up ice to glassy perfection, is efficiency in motion. A job that once required 1.5 hours of manual labor can be done by a Zamboni in just a few minutes.

Technically, these contraptions are called ice resurfacers. 

But the company that originally invented them in 1950 — Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. — has become so dominant in the niche market that all ice resurfacers are now colloquially called “Zambonis.”

The company has produced 12k+ machines used by pro hockey teams, Olympic Games venues, and recreational ice rinks around the world.

And it all started with the entrepreneurial vision of a 2nd-generation Italian immigrant named Frank J. Zamboni.

From farm to ice rink

Born in 1901, Zamboni spent his childhood on his family’s farm in Idaho, tinkering with mechanical equipment.

According to the Italian-American periodical Fra Noi, Zamboni’s formal education was cut short at the age of 15 when he left school to earn extra income fixing cars.

Frank Zamboni (far left) with his mother, father, and siblings, c. 1905 (Zamboni Company)

In 1920, he moved to Los Angeles to help his older brother run an auto garage. Soon, he saw an opportunity in a different space: refrigeration.

Many industries relied on large chunks of ice to preserve and transport perishable products. Leveraging their mechanical know-how, Zamboni and his brother launched a business that specialized in crafting refrigeration units for dairy farmers.

By 1927, they’d expanded the operation into a plant that produced ice blocks, which they sold wholesale to produce farmers.

But in the mid-1930s, major advancements in air conditioning and cooling technologies threatened to put the brothers out of business...

So, they had a genius pivot

At the time, figure skating was growing in popularity in America.

Buoyed by the Winter Olympics, which debuted in 1924, an industry was emerging for indoor ice skating rinks. But the prevailing tech used to create the ice in the rinks — a grid of underground steel pipes — often left the surface “rippled” and bumpy.

Zamboni’s early patent illustrations for improved ice rink mechanisms (Google Patents)

At his ice plant, Zamboni began to experiment with different cooling methods and soon discovered an alternate solution.

In lieu of pipes, Zamboni circulated brine water and ammonia refrigerant under the ice in “large flat tanks” — an approach that resulted in a smoother, more uniform skating surface.

He secured a patent and, in 1940, teamed up with his cousin and brother to open his own ice skating rink down the street from his ice plant.

Iceland Skating Rink was unlike anything Southern Californians had seen: The 20k sq. ft. facility — one of the largest in America — could house 800 skaters at once.

The business was a smash hit, attracting 150k skaters per year.

Iceland, in Paramount, CA, c. 1940s. A dome was later added, making it an indoor rink. (Zamboni Company)

But the success of the rink, and its sheer volume of foot traffic, soon raised a secondary concern.

At the end of every business day, the rink’s ice was completely chewed up by skate blades. How could they efficiently restore it for the following day’s crowds?

How to resurface 20k sq. ft. of ice

In the early 1940s, skating rinks had a rather daunting procedure for restoring the surface of their damaged ice:

1.    A tractor would roll across the ice with a scraper in tow.

2.    Workers would manually shovel up the shavings and “squeegee the dirty water away.” 

3.    The workers would spray on new layers of water.

This process took 4 men up to 1.5 hours to complete — and Zamboni couldn’t stand for it.

Early — and not very efficient — methods of resurfacing ice (Zamboni Company)

For nearly a decade, Zamboni had something of a mad scientist's lab in the back of the Iceland rink, where he experimented with various mechanical contraptions that could optimize ice resurfacing.

He Frankensteined parts from war surplus vehicles and bomber planes, and ran into numerous issues — chattering blades, malfunctioning snow tanks, lack of tire traction on the slippery ice.

“It took him nine years,” Zamboni’s son, Richard, later told the LA Times. “One of the reasons he stuck with it was that everyone told him he was crazy.”

Finally, in 1948, his prototyping led to a breakthrough.

Per Joseph Scafetta, Jr., who profiled Zamboni in 2000, the machine worked like so:

·  A blade inside the vehicle shaved the surface of the ice.

·  The ice shavings were picked up by a horizontal screw and funneled into a snow tank by a conveyor.

·  A second tank sprayed conditioner on the ice to eradicate imperfections.

·  A vacuum sucked up dirty water and debris.

·  Clean hot water was dispensed on the ice.

Top left: Zamboni working on prototypes; top right: a patent illustration for his early machine; bottom: an ice resurfacer prototype in action (Zamboni Company)

The resulting invention — the Zamboni Ice Resurfacer — could perform all of these tasks in 15 minutes while driving across the ice. (Future machines would improve this time even more.) 

In 1949, Zamboni formed Frank J. Zamboni & Co. and began manufacturing his patented machines for sale to the public.

A lucrative, niche industry 

Competing ice rinks quickly recognized the utility of Zamboni’s machines.

The entrepreneur sold his first machine to the nearby ice rink Pasadena Winter Garden for $5k ($54k today). But Zamboni’s biggest marketing tool was his own rink, Iceland.

A big break came in 1950 when Sonja Henie — a Norweigian film starlet and Olympic champion skater — spotted one of Zamboni’s contraptions in operation at Iceland and ordered 3 of them for use in her international figure skating tour.

This gave the machine world-wide exposure — and demand soon ballooned.

An advertisement for Zamboni machines, c. 1960s (Zamboni Company)

From the 1950s to the early ‘60s, sales figures doubled each year. The company’s customer base expanded to include NHL teams, the Winter Olympics, and touring shows like the Ice Capades.

New owners often expressed concern that the new machines were so fun to watch that they were stealing the limelight. "People will stay in the stands and watch it and not go down to the concession stands," one stadium owner reportedly told Zamboni.

Zamboni had an astute eye for iteration, based on customer feedback. Over the years, the machines saw various improvements — increased tank capacities, liquid-cooled engines, and later, electric power.

After handing the reins of the company to his son, Richard, in the late ‘60s, Zamboni continued to innovate, inventing machines that rolled up AstroTurf, dumped dirt on cemetery vaults, and cleaned airplanes.

A grasp on the market

Frank J. Zamboni died of lung cancer complications in 1987, at the age of 87.

But today, under the leadership of his grandson, the company he built continues to dominate the ice resurfacing market.

Since 1949, the company has sold more than 12k ice resurfacing machines. Between its 3 manufacturing plants in Los Angeles, Canada, and Sweden, it rolls out ~250 new machines per year, which cost anywhere from $10k to $175k+ depending on size. 

Some of this cost pays for itself: rinks often make money by selling ad space (anywhere from $5k/year for a smaller arena up to $50k+ for the NHL) on their Zamboni machines.

Zamboni (right) with his son Richard (later the company’s president) in 1985 (Bob Riha Jr. / WireImage)

Though ice rinks have seen slowing growth in the US, Zamboni has continued to mine customers in growing foreign markets. Fears about niche market saturation have never been fully realized.

To secure limited business, Zamboni often has to slug it out with a few competitors like Ontario’s Resurfice Corporation.

But the Zamboni company enjoys a competitive advantage that goes back to the roots of Frank Zamboni, who has since been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Like Kleenex, Coke, and Xerox, the name “Zamboni” has been genericized to refer to any ice surfacing machine.

“If our name had been Smith or Brown, I don’t think any of this would have happened,” Zamboni’s son Richard later told the Minneapolis Star Tribune

“It’s kind of a screwball name. There’s such a uniqueness to it, the machine kind of took on a character of its own. My father was always surprised by that.”

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TEDx Brock Shores Idea


This would be a very cool opportunity should it be pursued. 

Lots of great content if you ever wanted to consider everything that should be thought about while organizing an event. 


If if we had a TEDxBrockShores  whatb would we have covered? 


What great innovative speakers would we want to present ? 

Perhaps my son Alex Ross and his work on Radon Detection systems.  

Perhaps , Greg Houldcroft and how he reaches the youth in the community

Newterra and how they have made the words water cleaner

Rotary and what it means to be a Rotarian, locally and globally 

Burnbrae Farms , innovation and family farm

Small business hero’s of our region 

Immigration and refugee 

Canada’s flag and the birthplace connection

Bruce Wylie , a community champion of philanthropy and air waves 

Bringing Ayo Home, the journey and the adoption heart

Dream Mountains Foundation, Shawn Dawson and his goal to climb the seven summits with purpose 

John Barclay, video art of the story 

Mental Health, Shelley McCaffrey 

Shelli Warren and the Leadercast local leadership dream and impact

 Mike Whitford, making the body work the way it was intended to

David Marshall, fastest snowmobile rider in the world, doing business around the world



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Homework Dec 28 2019

Let’s bring more value to our clients

#1 Trusted Advisor

- able to talk about the things that really matter the most 

- like, why your wealth matters

Reflecting ”it’s why we help families achieve life’s major goals”

#2 Network Access

- I have lived in this region for most of my adult life, I do have a large network of contacts in various areas that can benefit our clients should a need come up, we can connect you


#3  Specialization

- excelling in client segmentation is the hallmark of top advisors. Your able to demonstrate your core values in your stories that people can relate to. This brings value to the relationship. 

We have developed relationships with Family’s that have businesses. Those that have an entrepreneurial insight that in many ways flows from our tax business. We have a lot of legacy clients and referrals from this foundation built over the last thirty years. We need to get better at telling our story. We have reduced risk by providing SRI practices in our investment solutions and portfolios that use pension management asset allocation processes. Stable returns with less risk. All this reduces risk, providing confidence and word of mouth opportunities to share what we have done, all within a confidential environment. Our team continues to grow and specialize within the different areas we discover are important to Achieve Life’s Major Goals. 


Timothy L. Ross Family Advisor © , Since 1988

Helping Families Achieve ...Life’s Major Goals ©

* One Stop Process Driven Approach for Retirement & Income Planning
* Personalized Tax Management Solutions for Individuals & Business Owners
* Confidential Wealth Management Solutions 

Mutual Funds  through PEAK Investment Services Inc.

 Brock Shores Financial 

We help families plan and implement strategies to accomplish "Life's Major Goals"

  • Tax Smart Planning & Investing
  • Worry Free Retirement
  • Education of Our Children & Grandchildren
  • Quality Care For Our Parents
  • Meaningful Financial Help For Our Loved Ones
  • Meaningful Legacy


Markets - Tuna is basically on sale


Things that “could” happen 


Reviewing my farm paper, I came across this resource and encouraging place #RootedInStrength

What greater gift than the love of a cat. ~ Charles Dickens 
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Smoking Vice business

“Altria will pay a USD$2 billion bonus to Juul's 1,500 employees as part of the price for its stake in the e-cigarette maker. While that averages out to USD$1.3 million a head, actual payouts in the form of special dividends will depend on factors such as longevity at the company, CNBC says. The maker of Marlboro cigarettes is paying a total $12.8 billion for a 35% stake, valuing the California startup at $38 billion. Juul recently said employees can only vape outside company facilities to conform with laws governing the use of tobacco in the workplace. • Here’s what people are saying.


Wow, nice vice bonus  1.3 million average for 1500

Many may know, in our own area in Smiths Falls, Canopy Growth has created over 100 millionaires that work at this local company. I understand everyone that works there is a shareholder of some sorts. Those early employees got vested early and have benefited immensely for working their buts off and taking a chance on a new industry.

Employees investing in the company they work for is a very good thing. I see many examples of this happening with those that are public companies and some private companies. Good lessons here for private companies and employees to work towards.  


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Launching your idea - debt thoughts

Idea of the Day: When starting a new business, be careful about taking on more liabilities prematurely, says Lisa Unwin, founder of She's Back.

“I’ve just seen a fabulous business, run by two amazing, energetic, committed women, go to the wall because they ran up too many debts before the cash came in. I believe the term is overtrading. Don’t do it.”
Some inspirational thoughts 
Remember, follow your heart
Keep your affairs in order
Core principles  from Apple leader
Think different, Be The Adventure, Be Blessed, Be 
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Carbon Rebates #ForThePeople

The current manifesto for 2019 Carbon Tax redistribution. 

Plus some other thoughts from Mrs Tax

Will add additional info in comments as sourced. 

Strategicly , I would like to see some requirement other than being a tax filer, and indirectly a voter to be eligible. Some sort of educational component. Perhaps a online course that teaches the basics of how to reduce our own personal carbon footprint.

Different levels gets you more of the credit or bonus credit if you click the box, I love this credit, Thank You Mr Trudeau.

For extra credit, the box that says , you got my vote, please redirect my rebate to your campaign.  You would then be eligible for an additional 75% tax credit on your redistributed carbon tax. 

I still like the find an easy Billion idea. Those Canadians that have left Canada to work abroad should all have to pay an annual tax. Fair is fair, they may not get a direct annual benefit from our Country, but we launched them. There should be a tribute for that. With almost 10% of Canadians living abroad, and a million immigrants projected need to fill vacancies in the work force, why not, let’s get a little return for our country’s investment in their beginnings. TLR

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How to find a billion dollars

Canada’s tax system holds business back, costs people money


"The report notes some key issues that should be addressed:

  • Canada's tax system does not align with international trends nor does enough to promote global competitiveness.
  • Canada's tax system needs to do more to help businesses grow and innovate.
  • Questions remain about whether or not Canada's tax expenditures are achieving intended goals at the right cost, but it is clear they do make the system more complex.
  • Canada's personal tax system discourages compliance in many cases, and there may be better ways to deliver social benefits more efficiently and effectively.

The full report can be seen at


One idea I thought about is on the personal tax side of the system. There is a lot of Canadian's not living in Canada anymore. Some are paying taxes, many are not. What the "are not" is I have not found out yet.

Here is some random thoughts and articles regarding the matter for future consideration and updates.

"People and politics, thank the good Lord we won the birth country lottery ! "

 2.8 million Canadians live abroad , I wonder how many making over 20,000 a year pay no taxes to Canada?



View of Hong Kong taxes

I think a tax no matter what your residency status should be considered. No doubt about it. Only exception would be those that were never in a hospital, seen a doctor, never went to a school. Parents never collected any form of social assistance. That’s probably enough nevers. Beyond that they would have some value for being born here before they had to leave.

Thanks for sharing the article, looks like Scheer needs to work on getting more known .... “though a majority of voters no longer have a positive impression of him. But he leads Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer” perhaps the win on our local shores yesterday is a sign of things to come, in the meantime expect the cash flow to increase to grease the political economy, the kids can pay for it .... maybe , just maybe we should start taxing those who are non residents, living and working abroad, why should they have the benefit of access to our embassies if they get in hot water, need advice, or the luxury of returning if they get a better offer on our Country’s soil ? I think that would be a good conservative policy to implement. I was just thinking about this yesterday. It would be good for Canadians and business, we live in a global economy, it’s time to focus in on this little tax opportunity and reinforce our nations citizenship capital.

So how many Canadians are living abroad not paying any income tax to their nation ?

surely a more effective way would be to close the loopholes that allow corporations to hide billions offshore to avoid taxation.

The CRA knows full well that countless large corporations are hiding money in tax havens abroad to avoid paying but they do nothing about it.

And for the record, Canadians working overseas do have to file their taxes, it’s just there’s a high threshold before they are required to pay taxes on it


The threshold should probably be dropped down to the middle class level, Fair is fair , you have to get the pennies from those that benefit


Like Ford, a little bit here, a little bit there and you get your budget back in line


you mean like, a little from the hospitals, a few nurses here, a few nurses there. A few schools here and there. A little from the poor, a little more from the poor. A little from green energy subsidization. Sell off some profit generating aspects of the government.

Back to the days of Mike the Knife Harris before we know it


No, if your a Canadian living abroad, you pay the same tax rate less what you pay in the country you live in, simple, effective, fair


fair in what capacity? Pay for services I can’t use? Pay 20-30% of my income to a government that isn’t providing any services for me? Then pay another 17% to the Korean government in income tax. Get real.

If that’s the case, are we going to see your men of the people Ford and Scheer go after corporate tax avoidance, their use of tax havens, and questionable loopholes to not have to pay their share? Cut the unnecessary and pointless subsidies they get from the government, which they pocket and do not re-invest.

There’s a better chance of the Green Party winning the next election than there is the conservatives (or liberals for that matter) go after their rich friends and demand they pay their fair share


Your a Canadian, that’s is worth a couple bucks a day in my books


2 billion dollars from those abroad every yr will help hire a few auditors for sure

You will get to vote as well, sounds like a bargain to me

this is a great idea, I am sure the Green Party and ndp will love it. It’s a bit socialist, but very capitalist at the same time, Canada invested in a person, they should get a return for that investment. Especially if that person win the birthplace lottery and found themselves getting the benefit of a doctor, school teacher, bus driver, born in a hospital, took a bus somewhere, drive a car over a bridge or on a 4 lane highway after it was plowed after a snow storm, they should pay a little back for winning that lottery. If they managed to get a decent job overseas , why they should pay at least a percentage of that extra just like everyone else that decided to stay. Alternatively, pay an exit fee , kinda like buying your pension back, you can scale anything and make it fair.


that system is already there. Canadians working abroad making a certain amount of money are required to pay back. Those who benefited from Canada’s services and high standard of living are asked to give back. Your idea is to lower the threshold and squeeze the smaller folk, which has always been the policy of the conservatives. Protect the wealthy, and crush the poor


Collect extra 2 billion dollars, that’s the goal


 from those who can afford it the least? Why not start by cutting our subsidies to those who have more than enough?

We give subsidies to corporations and the rich and instead of re-investing the money, they hoard it. As we’ve seen with GM, and in recent years, Heinz, Proctor-Gamble, Caterpillar, that regardless of how profitable they are, and the subsidies they receive, their greed will never be satisfied and they will abandon their workers


 Have tax laws and processes changed since the Trudeau government began, or are they the same as the Harper government's policies and laws?


Announcing foreign aid alongside celebrities is a long standing tradition. Yes...thanks that we can speak freely about attempts to politicize aid announcements, either by governments, or by criticizing governments.


If your confused about this article, don't worry, that is what we are here for :)

Timothy L. Ross Family Advisor, Since 1988

Helping Families Achieve ...Life’s Major Goals ®

* One Stop Process Driven Approach for Retirement & Income Planning
* Personalized Tax Management Solutions for Individuals & Business Owners
* Confidential Wealth Management Solutions 

 Brock Shores Financial 

We help families plan and implement strategies to accomplish "Life's Major Goals"

  • Tax Smart Planning & Investing
  • Worry Free Retirement
  • Education of Our Children & Grandchildren
  • Quality Care For Our Parents
  • Meaningful Financial Help For Our Loved Ones
  • Meaningful Legacy


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Pass me a coin please

“Ohio blazes the bitcoin trail 

Ohio isn’t known for being on the screaming bleeding edge of technology, but it’s now an early adopter of bitcoin. Yesterday, the 34th largest state in the US became the first to accept the volatile coin for tax payments. 

Speaking of crypto… Overstock sets a date to sell off its retail biz

After what feels like a decade of threatening to shelf their current business for crypto, Overstock’s CEO says he will finally shut down its retail business in February. And people are more bullish on blockchain than bed sets: Its stock surged 26% after the news.”



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Working From Home Tips—-these-are-the-6-tricks-i-use-to-get-more-done-in-less-time/ss-BBPEQ1L?ocid=spartanntp#image=7


Working From home tips

Some great ideas I came across

I encourage people to work from home if they can.

There is some good tax deductions that you can take advantage of as well. 


6. I cut myself some slack.

5. I log out of my email during a particularly pressing project.

4. I eat well.

In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, eating well helps increase energy levels as well as your ability to focus. What "eating well" looks like will differ to everyone, but for me it includes a lot of fresh vegetables, a moderate amount of protein, and a diet that's high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates and sugar, which can cause crashes in excess.

3. I listen to ASMR videos on YouTube. ( I like this, I actuay invested in Premium YouTube so I can listen and work on my phone without it cutting out, speakers to hear better as well)

2. I get up from my desk at least once an hour.

1. I set a schedule.


Personally I work from home a bit, mainly when I am doing research and planning for my  meeting schedules and business planning.  Tips 2-3-4-6 are what I practice :)

Be blessed 


Word of the day  - Recalcitrant

Code for "Stubborn like a Mule " !

1 : obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2 a : difficult to manage or operate
b : not responsive to treatment
c : resistant

Did You Know?
Long before any human was dubbed "recalcitrant" in English (that first occurred in the 18th century), there were stubborn mules (and horses) kicking back their heels. The ancient Romans noted as much (Pliny the Elder among them), and they had a word for it: recalcitrare, which literally means "to kick back." (Its root calc-, meaning "heel," is also the root of calcaneus, the large bone of the heel in humans.) Certainly Roman citizens in Pliny's time were sometimes willful and hardheaded—as attested by various Latin words meaning "stubborn"—but it wasn't until later that writers of Late Latin applied recalcitrare and its derivative adjective to humans who were stubborn as mules.



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Green Energy Thoughts


After watching the video in this article a couple things strike me. 

In Canada we have the upcoming cap and trade swap of funds which I don’t see helping much. Then in  Ontario there was a massive addition to the grid of solar and wind which has been overpriced compared to fossil fuel to encourage development, but too much has been produced vs what is required, so this has beenreally messed up. A good thing has been tarnished. Perhaps I am kind and thinking this is a typical result when governments get involved. 

On the positive we have capacity and excess. 

However the government has missed the “find efficiencies “  part of the plan.

i heard yesterday how Ontario has to pay billions to get rid of the excess energy generated from our green solar and wind productions. 

I am reminded of  Jeremie Riffkins book and presentation a number of years ago about the hydrogen economy. How that would all integrate. That advice in the book has not happened to the best of my knowledge, or I have not seen it.  If it did and it should we would have a pretty amazing system amen stewardship of our green resources. 

Ontario government has just cancelled I believe over 700 new installation contracts as it has too much electricity and no way to store it.

Money should have been invested into the storing as part of the Hydrogen Economy. Maybe it is happening someplace.  Let’s hope that vision gets resurrected and we move forward in this world.

That part of the production has to be realistically fixed before moving forward with more large scale green energy production in a perfect world. Saying that it should still be expanded. Would be good to find lower cost options for solar and wind as well. We all should be producing our own if and when possible. 

This is not my only thought on the matter, a simple observation. 



a windy sunny day

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