Axe Throwing - The Capitol

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Will not be long till the Axe Throwing location opens up at "The Capitol"  an immersive escape room experience , part of the South Coast Escape Corporation , located on the North Augusta Road which connects the North End Walmart area to King…

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Privacy Vigilance

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As always we are always concerned about protecting our clients privacy. This updated from our professional organization shows that our industry has lots of room for improvement. 

A few things that we are implementing in our practice from a practical doing business perspective. 

1. Trusted Contact ~ in the event…

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Timothy Ross’s blog post was featured
PEAK Disclosure - Click to Study
Working on the professional development course to become a CEA 
The first item is to review the foundation which supports everything, ethics and your code of coduct. I started my code many years ago, first it was 4-H…
Oct 17, 2019
Timothy Ross’s blog post was featured
 PEAK disclosure, click for a peak 
Feels like Sunday, yet it is Monday, Thanksgiving, Canada’s Thanksgiving Day.
As I travel across Northern Ontario this morning I have had lots of time for reflection, and am grateful, thankful for all in my lif…
Oct 15, 2019
Timothy Ross’s blog post was featured
Timothy Ross is a Mutual Funds
representative attached to PEAK
Investment Services Inc.
PEAK Investment Services Inc. is a full-
service mutual fund dealer and limits its
responsibilities to investment products
such as mutual funds and exchan…
Oct 9, 2019