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Launching your idea - debt thoughts

Idea of the Day: When starting a new business, be careful about taking on more liabilities prematurely, says Lisa Unwin, founder of She's Back.

“I’ve just seen a fabulous business, run by two amazing, energetic, committed women, go to the wall because they ran up too many debts before the cash came in. I believe the term is overtrading. Don’t do it.”
Some inspirational thoughts 
Remember, follow your heart
Keep your affairs in order
Core principles  from Apple leader
Think different, Be The Adventure, Be Blessed, Be 
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Thanksgiving Memories

As I'm going through my email today and yesterday, I received a number of encouraging  messages and thoughts about being Thankful and Gratitude.

I'm going to list the last one I got here. I  think we can all use a little thanksgiving in our life and be motivated by that. At Brock Shores Financial, we are all about #ImprovingFutures ,  building on a foundation of thankfulness.

Tim Ross, CEO & Founder

From Suzane Hart, Suzane leads a dynamic health networking home based business, she does consulting in this area and has some great marketing ideas. Her message "Fit,Fab & Fulfilled" just inspires.  Now ee met several years ago at a BNI meeting at Buds on The Bay in Brockville. My family joined her network and we built a little team, unfortunately we never stuck with it. In a network marketing business you have to stick with it, I had other priorities in my business,  by not sticking with it, I did loose out on potentially a lot of dollars as many people I know eventually got vested into that company and they enjoy the products and the income it generates for their families, it's a lot of work, and you have to stay for the long term. So I get little reminders and ideas from Suzanne through out the year. Here is her thankful message and a little gift that can help you.   


As I woke this morning I was filled with gratitude.  I was present to all the ways both big and small that my life has been blessed. As I watched the sun come up from living room window I gave thanks for all the people who have touched my life.  So in the spirit of gratitude on the beautiful thanks giving day, I wanted to say thank you Timothy, for blessing my life.

Here is a link to her gift, a great assessment tool to help you be a more dynamic productive leader, check it out

If you ever decided to start a business, be it a network marketing business or a more traditional business, touch base with us here at Brock Shores Financial, we love the creation of a business and the entrepreneur spirit that you need to have. Setting up properly gives your business a great chance to thrive and capture all the tax advantages that a small business offers.

What is on a Leadership Scale ?







Solution Focused


Guiding Principles







Attitude of Gratitude


Self Mastery



These are some of the heavy weight items on the scale, download Suzan's tool and see where you are at. Then you can make better decisions moving forward. be sure and make any comments below that you would like to add, this is a community that we wish to inspire and build people up, so your future is improved. It's not all about the money, as Jim Rohn would say, money is just easy to count if your keeping score, it's not the only value, some things are priceless, yet hard to count.~ TLR

Jim Rohn Bibilical Leadership Lessons : Motivation Infusion #1


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