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Conservatism Historic Review

Principlesfrom the late 1800's








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Sandbox Politics

I always get the left & right stuff mixed up. I think it's partly because they both play in the sand box and a little of each stick to each other and here in Canada the terms are many times  opposite to what is used in the US. The media we listen to flows between the two countries being so close. What happens in the US effects us more than what happens in Canada effects them. Demografics, Population, Land Mass, Trade is the big one. US is Canada's largest trading "partner" I think. I am no expert on this, however that is the ghist of it. So I am going to just play a bit in the sandbox and dump  some lumps and links here and revist from time to time. ~ Tim 






I think of cats playing in the sandbox, just my experience from being on the farm. Looks like the writer of this link below had experience with proper dogs



If you wish, this is an invitation for sharing with your contacts, copy paste or use the sharing feature "Please check out this local EDA Facebook page centered in the area that many of my friends live. There is going to be a provincial election next June , there is lots to think about, IMHO it's #TimeForChange the New Blue Party of Ontario welcomes you to take a firm step in the best direction, one step at a time ~Tim Ross Founding President, CFO, New Blue Party Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands & Rideau Lakes EDA
Thinking about stepping, firm step = yes, the best direction = that's subjective kinda, let's think about that, if you step left left left  or you step right right right , your going in a circle and your kinda limited in were you are going to go. Better to march, step, head  in the best directtion.  That direction requires a bit of both , or franly your just chasing your tail or someones coat tail. 
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Tip Your Toe

There is many things that one can "Tip Their Toe" into in this life we live. Politics is one of those things that qualifies for a little toe tipping. One can always be a little carefree when they tip toe and thus the expression and song about "tip toe through the tulips". First raw thought, getting seriously involved in politics is like tip toeing through the weeds on foggy summer evening, hot but cool, interesting, but dangers linger around every corner, and sometime its bang right in front of you, like the old deer in the head lights expression comes to mind, little train wrecks can pop up were you least expect it derailing your best intentions, or you simply step in it while you take a journey across a pasture field. Some raw sobering first thoughts on the matter.  ~ TLR



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NEW BLUE Update Feb 2021

Received this email today from the New Blue Party, life happens to everyone folks. Many concerns circulate in society today, everyone should look the options and opinions of others. We should go after the problem, not the people, look at possible solutions. Here is one to consider provincialy. TLR


"Dear Timothy,

Thank you for signing up to receive emails regarding the New Blue Party of Ontario!

On January 7th, 2020, the New Blue Party of Ontario became an official registered party with Elections Ontario! An exciting development!

During the process of obtaining official party status, with your support, we also successfully forced the PC government to back down and remove section 8 from their government legislation - Bill 213.  https://www.newblueontario.com/leadership-recap

Section 8 was the PC government's attempt at amending the Marriage Act to give a single cabinet minister the power to revoke the marriage licence of a church officiant if it was deemed to be "in the public interest" and to create - behind closed doors - a "Code of Practice" that every marriage officiant would have to adhere to.

In less than three months, thanks to your support, we were able to stop the PC government's attack on religious freedom and achieve registered party status with Elections Ontario for the New Blue Party of Ontario.

So, why haven't you heard from us in a while?

In early December, I was confronted with another battle - more grave than anything I have encountered before.

After a couple of months of knee pain, doctors diagnosed a tumour in my femur. A biopsy confirmed it was osteosarcoma - a type of bone cancer that has no known causes and that typically affects younger people like the late great Terry Fox.

The good news is the prospects of curing and surviving the illness are much greater today than they were when Terry Fox was diagnosed.

Within days of my diagnosis, I began aggressive chemotherapy treatment that I am half-way through completing. The treatment has been very difficult but over the last few days I have been feeling the best I have in a long time. In the near future, I will also be undergoing major surgery.

The doctors have told me they are treating my diagnosis as curable and it is their hope that the treatment and surgery will rid me of this terrible disease.

As difficult as the last two months have been, I have been grateful to have my wife, Belinda Karahalios, with me, every step of the way. She has looked after me while fulfilling her job as the first New Blue Party MPP at Queen's Park and looking after our young son.

When I waver in my faith, Belinda is there to remind me - the best is yet to come.

Many of you continue to face tremendous adversity and hardship during the continued lockdown. This is in addition to years of tax and spend policies under successive Liberal governments that have been continued under the PC government.

We are committed to continuing to build the New Blue Party of Ontario in time for Ontario's next election scheduled for June 2nd, 2022. We remain resolute in overcoming my current diagnosis and restoring hope for Ontario with a NEW and BLUE political party that respects the taxpayer, small business, and our churches.

Some have emailed to ask my thoughts on latest developments in Canadian politics. Just prior to my diagnosis, I mailed a letter thanking supporters from my candidacy in the 2020 Conservative Party of Canada leadership race. The letter outlines many of the issues with the so-called "conservative" parties at the federal and provincial levels. If you didn't receive the letter, click here for a copy.

I will write to you again soon with next steps on how you can help us build the New Blue Party of Ontario.

The best is yet to come!

Jim Karahalios
New Blue Party of Ontario

P.S. BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO CONTRIBUTE! Now that the New Blue Party of Ontario has been registered with Elections Ontario, your donation will be eligible for a generous tax credit! If you would like to be one of the first contributors to the New Blue Party visit https://www.newblueontario.com/donate to donate to the New Blue Ontario Fund!


P.P.S. Only Ontario residents can donate to the New Blue Party of Ontario. If you live outside of Ontario and would like to help, you can donate to our legal fund which continues to fight the electoral fraud that took place at the 2018 Ontario PC Party convention. Visit https://www.jimkarahalios.ca/donate.



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The tax benefits of donating to a provincial registered  political party are different than federal, both should be looked at, see links below, note Ontario Political are refundable , so even if you have no taxable income you get a real credit ! 





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Public Policy Dialogue for Charities




Terrance S. Carter  B.A., LL.B., TEP, Trade-mark Agent and Ryan M. Prendergast  B.A., LL.B. 
On October 25, 2018, the Department of Finance Canada tabled in the House of Commons a Notice of Ways and Means Motion,  which contained a number of amendments to the Income Tax Act ("ITA")  and other legislation to implement certain provisions previously announced in Budget 2018 and other measures, including amendments to the ITA to modify the rules governing political activities (now referred to as "public policy dialogue and development activities") by charities in Canada. The proposed amendments were introduced as Bill C-86, Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 2, ("Bill C-86"),  which received first reading on October 29, 2018, and is included as an appendix to this Charity & NFP Law Bulletin for ease of reference. Bill C-86 significantly improves upon the draft legislation released on September 14, 2018 by the Department of Finance Canada ("September Draft Legislation"),  discussed in last month's Charity & NFP Law Bulletin No. 428
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