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Here is a link to the book for the 12 Days of Christmas, POEC edition, enjoy

Download your free electronic copy here:


Merry Christmas CCF Friends!

This holiday season I wanted to give you something special... a free book!

I've written a book about the craziest things we learned at the Public Order Emergency Commission #POEC, the inquiry looking into the Freedom Convoy and government's use of the Emergencies Act.

Download your free electronic copy here:

The book is called “The 12 Days of Christmas: Public Order Emergency Commission Edition”. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

If you want to see our playlist of videos from the Inquiry, check it out here:

Merry Christmas!
- Christine and your friends at the CCF

PS: if you want to support our work, you can make a tax deductible charitable donation at



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CTC Liberty Initiative

This is an interesting discovery, check it out. If your interested in public service or know someone that is. 

Also, it's  good time to pick up a donation credit if this is worthy of your support and you would like a tax deduction on your taxes.


" Liberty Coalition Canada formed the "Christians That Care" (CTC) initiative to help Christians get elected and ultimately influence laws to align with biblical principles.

In 2022, we had 110 Christian candidates from 4 different provinces sign up to get training from CTC for their 2022 municipal elections and 16 of them got elected! CTC candidates received a total of 146,173 votes! We also had 20 CTC candidates come in second place, and 9 CTC candidates came within 250 votes of winning!

In 2023, we plan to expand the "Christians That Care" (CTC) initiative and begin operations in 5 different provinces by hiring dedicated Project Managers, with goals to:

1) recruit 500 new Christian politicians across the country;
2) recruit 500 new Christian campaign managers;
3) recruit 250 youth to our “Youth With A Vision” Political Development Program
4) teach churches how to organize around a local Christian candidate;
5) develop a division that supports currently elected Christian politicians.

In order to reach these goals, WE NEED YOUR HELP! To contribute to LCC’s Advocacy Department, click HERE, select the "Donate to Other Designations" box, select the "Where can we designate your donations" drop-down menu, select "Advocacy," and fill in the rest.

For more specific information about any of these Advocacy items, to get involved individually or as a church, to discuss becoming a candidate, to sign up a youth to our development program or to get more specifics, contact 


Donate | Liberty Coalition Canada


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