Tip Your Toe

Tip Your Toe

There is many things that one can "Tip Their Toe" into in this life we live. Politics is one of those things that qualifies for a little toe tipping. One can always be a little carefree when they tip toe and thus the expression and song about "tip toe through the tulips". First raw thought, getting seriously involved in politics is like tip toeing through the weeds on foggy summer evening, hot but cool, interesting, but dangers linger around every corner, and sometime its bang right in front of you, like the old deer in the head lights expression comes to mind, little train wrecks can pop up were you least expect it derailing your best intentions, or you simply step in it while you take a journey across a pasture field. Some raw sobering first thoughts on the matter.  ~ TLR



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  • Code, for those curious about that kinda stuff



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