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Environmental Leaders SRI

Watch the sub-advisor for  NEI Environmental Leaders Fund discuss their approach to impact investing in this Youtube clip. 




NEI Environmental Leaders Fund Series A



NEI Setting the standard

This paper offers a deep dive into standards for responsible investment – and how NEI is helping shape the field.

Principles for Responsible Investment (the PRI)


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Mapping the Flow of the World’s Plastic Waste

The first plastic material, Bakelite, was invented in 1907. It made its way into everything you can imagine: telephones, chess pieces, Chanel jewelry, and electric guitars.

But it was in 1950 that our thirst for plastic truly began. In just 65 years, plastic production soared almost 200 times, resulting in about 6,300 million metric tons of waste today.

How does the world deal with this much debris? The truth is, a lot of plastic waste—both trash and recycled materials—is often shipped overseas to become someone else’s problem.

Recycle and Reuse; But Above All, Reduce




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To Good To Toss



Local Company impacting our planet !


Sustainable ideas 



With the proposed carbon tax being mandated by the federal government, lots of discussions on this issue. 

My biggest concern is the giving away of rebates to all Canadians , frankly it’s simply a tax redistribution scheme. 

Perhaps, to qualify for the credit, one had to participate in  a info course online on how to reduce their carbon foot print to make them eligible for the rebate. I could accept that. The intent would be to educate which would encourage wider adaptation of best practices. The more you learn, the bigger your credit and eligibility for other grants perhaps.

Education is key. 

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