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Coffee Pleasures

I gave coffee up when I got COVID leading up to Christmas 2021, been tempted to indulge since, I do miss the social aspect , and the little rush. Drinking Chaga tea mainly now helps my immunity goals stay charged up. My water business Natures Energy Water Corporation makes a cold brew coffee with maple and birch water right from our trees, it's like drinking desert, it's truly amazing, delightful, Simply Delicious, have a couple omega 3 eggs on the side and you have felt like you had a quick trip to heaven, with the knowledge that you probably get to stay on Earth a little longer. Simply Refeshing

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Smoking Vice business

“Altria will pay a USD$2 billion bonus to Juul's 1,500 employees as part of the price for its stake in the e-cigarette maker. While that averages out to USD$1.3 million a head, actual payouts in the form of special dividends will depend on factors such as longevity at the company, CNBC says. The maker of Marlboro cigarettes is paying a total $12.8 billion for a 35% stake, valuing the California startup at $38 billion. Juul recently said employees can only vape outside company facilities to conform with laws governing the use of tobacco in the workplace. • Here’s what people are saying.


Wow, nice vice bonus  1.3 million average for 1500

Many may know, in our own area in Smiths Falls, Canopy Growth has created over 100 millionaires that work at this local company. I understand everyone that works there is a shareholder of some sorts. Those early employees got vested early and have benefited immensely for working their buts off and taking a chance on a new industry.

Employees investing in the company they work for is a very good thing. I see many examples of this happening with those that are public companies and some private companies. Good lessons here for private companies and employees to work towards.  


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