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It was once said

Came across this article this morning in LinkedIn, I think it is worth a little study. What would be said? Good question. - TLR 



Need career help? Start writing your own eulogy. When we imagine our own deaths, and even write drafts of the way we’d like to be remembered, we can examine our priorities and goals from a broader perspective. Executive coach Daniel Harkavy encouragesthe CEOs he works with to draft two eulogies: the one that would be read today, and another that encompasses all of their future achievements. Comparing the two can help you reevaluate how you are spending your time and the decisions you are making. • Here’s what people are saying.


here is the article


”In that 2005 Stanford commencement address where Jobs talked about the importance of realizing you are going to die, he also stated that, upon reflecting on his success, he realized “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

Yet with the eulogy technique, now maybe you don’t have to wait until the end of your life to connect the dots. By changing your point of view and shifting your perspective from your present to your future, you’ll be able to see where you want to end up, and then know what steps you’ll next to take–what dots you’ll need to connect–to get there.”


Music with a warrior’s beat


there is a place for us


One Step At A Time!

”Be The Adventure”


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Once a week challenge


52 Hike Challenge Documentary Kickstarter Video from Sea to Summit Productions on Vimeo.


52 Hike Challenge Documentary Teaser from Sea to Summit Productions on Vimeo.


great idea !

My personal aha thought, awesome idea guys! There is a guy in South Africa doing this with food , going to farmers and filming production, finish with a meal. I invited him to Canada to do a tour coast to coast, nothing came of it. Just brain storming and typing s it flows, Be cool if we could get a corporate sponsor to do this for you in the future, I am moving my business to a new company Peak Financial, they are coast to coast, I've climbed with some very amazing people. Tie in a food champion, save some bucks feeding you, expand the challenge, make some new friends "Be The Adventure" I'll supply the "Natures Energy Water" let's follow through with this over the next year as we get settled
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Pyrrhic - Count the cost



I came across this word this morning while researching some articles on wills and the second will. The second will has become a concern in the legal and estate planning world recently. 

More direction is required and I suspect more cases will come forward for dissection. 

  1. (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.
    How many things have we done that we just paid too much for to be right? It’s a good question, count the cost. Families, Friendships, Business, Health,    Ideals, a Soul.  Some things are priceless , some are pointless, some you just have to go with the flow and find peace down the river. 
    Every once and awhile, you have seal up the holes for the winter, batten down the hatches and wait for winter to pass, your spring is just around the corner.  Get ready to plant, spring time, summer and then harvest time will present itself once again. 
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going to add some stuff on friends here


the article above speaks to fixing a broken friendship, seems like a good place to start

as the song writer wrote , “ What a friend we have in Jesus “

Love Maps , what a blessing they can be, which way to go, charting the course



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4-H update Nov 2018


Giving Tuesday is Coming November 27 
Giving Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Black Friday. This Giving Tuesday we want to know how you and your 4-H clubs are helping to contribute to the betterment of your communities. Be sure to use #GivingTuesdayCA on social media and tag 4-H Ontario in your posts to share all the ways you give back. Click here for more information on how you can give back to 4-H Programming. 


Learn To Do by Doing

Homemade Corn Chips :)


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CEA development

I am very pleased to announce that Heather Kiley from our firm has recently enrolled in the Certified Executor Advisors program with the

Canadian Institute of Certified Execotor Advisors, Timothy Ross, CEO & Founder, Brock Shores Financial



Heather Kiley is the dynamic front line Executive Assistant, to Timothy Ross Family Advisor ® , CEO, Founder of Brock Shores Financial

Client care specialist, and in house specialist for estate planning, implementation, disability tax matters and trouble shooting with government departments.

Family Office providing Omega Stewardship ®

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    • Worry Free Retirement
    • Education of Our Children & Grandchildren
    • Quality Care For Our Parents
    • Meaningful Financial Help For Our Loved Ones
    • Meaningful Legacy

      2018 IFB conference Part 1

      Part 2


    Code of Conduct
    Introduction The Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors (CICEA) Code of Conduct outlines the principles and expectations governing the conduct of its members. Understanding and acceptance of this code is a requirement of membership in the CICEA. CICEA retains the right and responsibility to investigate claims against its members and take appropriate action (as outlined below) while providing fair and due process to its members.
    Rules of Conduct
    Integrity Certified Executor Advisors:
    1.1 Will act in an ethical manner at all times.
    1.2 Will not engage in anything illegal or anything detrimental to the best interests of the public or which harms the integrity of the institute and its members and affiliates.
    1.3 Will provide all requisite due diligence without omission, misleading or false information.
    1.4 Will, at all times, act objectively to the best of their ability, and in the best interests of the client.
    2. Confidentiality Certified Executor Advisors:
    2.1. Will strictly protect client’s information at all times. If there is any doubt as to the confidentiality of information shared, treat it as confidential until such time as the ambiguity is cleared.
    2.2 Will disclose their client’s personal information to third parties only with their client’s consent, or as provided for by law. In such cases take all reasonable steps to inform clients of the imposed breach.
    2.3 Will avoid public discussions or comments about clients that could reasonably be seen as revealing confidential or identifying information.
    3. Competency Certified Executor Advisors:
    3.1. Will perform only those services for which they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience.
    3.2 Will refer clients, in all other situations, to competent professionals in the occupations required by the client. (Use the Find-A-CEA directory to locate CEAs by occupation and geographical region.)
    4. Communication Certified Executor Advisors:
    4.1. Will provide timely communication in whatever means is preferred by the client, and based on the level of urgency perceived by them.
    4.2 Will provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions, including disclosure of any conflicts of interest, and answer their questions to the best of your ability.
    4.3 Will cooperate fully with the institute and provide timely and accurate information as requested.
    Disciplinary Action Certified Executor Advisors being reported to be or perceived to be conducting themselves in a dishonourable or questionable manner, may be subject to disciplinary action from CICEA. All informal disciplinary actions are considered personal information as defined in Section 3 of the Privacy Act. As such, disclosure is governed by the Privacy Act and information is generally only provided to the parties involved. Informal disciplinary actions can range from counseling to reprimands. When informal discipline is insufficient, a formal disciplinary committee will be convened to consider information provided by the complainant and the member, ensuring fair and due process. Formal disciplinary actions may include reprimand, suspension or expulsion.
    Conclusion The Code of Conduct is in place to protect the public, the institute and its members and affiliates. Adherence to the code is in everyone’s best interest to provide the very best level of care for clients and ensure strong reputations and healthy business practices.
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Working From Home Tips—-these-are-the-6-tricks-i-use-to-get-more-done-in-less-time/ss-BBPEQ1L?ocid=spartanntp#image=7


Working From home tips

Some great ideas I came across

I encourage people to work from home if they can.

There is some good tax deductions that you can take advantage of as well. 


6. I cut myself some slack.

5. I log out of my email during a particularly pressing project.

4. I eat well.

In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, eating well helps increase energy levels as well as your ability to focus. What "eating well" looks like will differ to everyone, but for me it includes a lot of fresh vegetables, a moderate amount of protein, and a diet that's high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates and sugar, which can cause crashes in excess.

3. I listen to ASMR videos on YouTube. ( I like this, I actuay invested in Premium YouTube so I can listen and work on my phone without it cutting out, speakers to hear better as well)

2. I get up from my desk at least once an hour.

1. I set a schedule.


Personally I work from home a bit, mainly when I am doing research and planning for my  meeting schedules and business planning.  Tips 2-3-4-6 are what I practice :)

Be blessed 


Word of the day  - Recalcitrant

Code for "Stubborn like a Mule " !

1 : obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2 a : difficult to manage or operate
b : not responsive to treatment
c : resistant

Did You Know?
Long before any human was dubbed "recalcitrant" in English (that first occurred in the 18th century), there were stubborn mules (and horses) kicking back their heels. The ancient Romans noted as much (Pliny the Elder among them), and they had a word for it: recalcitrare, which literally means "to kick back." (Its root calc-, meaning "heel," is also the root of calcaneus, the large bone of the heel in humans.) Certainly Roman citizens in Pliny's time were sometimes willful and hardheaded—as attested by various Latin words meaning "stubborn"—but it wasn't until later that writers of Late Latin applied recalcitrare and its derivative adjective to humans who were stubborn as mules.



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Trudeau Make The Call

A little social challenge in todays post. A plea to sign a petition to help a young family and a gofundme page to help them with their plight.


Bring Ayo Home, Go Fund Me Page

The Moran's are now over 100 days in Ghana waiting for our Canadian High Commissioner to approve the paperwork that will allow the family to bring their newly adopted son Ayo home. We started a petition yesterday encouraging Trudeau to make the call to get this done. We will post a link below for you to review. We admonish you to sign the petition and share with your friends, the government continues to pass the buck on this, we need to keep them accountable. Also please give as you are lead in your spirit and as your budget permits. May be you cover a half day like we did or simply a few hours of a day, everything helps. These delays are costing them $200 a day and with these excessive delays, the financial burden has exceeded all expectations. There is a video link in the petition that we encourage you to watch. Thank you Timothy Ross & Megan Elizabeth


Please Sign The Petition

We have 32 supporters as of writing this blog. It often takes a few days to build momentum. 

"Kim Moran has been stuck in Africa for the past three months waiting for Ottawa to process documents and is now pleading for help. She said the adoption is complete but that the government is failing in its responsibility to bring them home.

“Everything they have asked for we have given them. We’ve had all the forms authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all the forms are in order,” she told Global News via Skype. “This is a process that in most places, would have only taken a week.”

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Kim requires a special diet and medication. Her mother said the ordeal has been hard on her health. “It needs to be monitored every month,” Cindy Jeans said from her home in Port Hope, Ont.
“She needs to get home to see her specialist to get the proper care that she needs.”

The above has been extracted from the report on Global News, see the link for more details& video:
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is well aware of this situation! Please click the link below and watch !! Question was asked last week when they would act to bring this family home in the Question Period at the House of Commons
Trudeau simply needs to make the call!!

These Canadians have respected the rules, which began over three years ago. They have been approved , and this should have taken no more than 7-10 days to be cleared. We are now over 100 days!! The application simply needs to be approved so that they can come home with their adopted son, Ayo. It's being held up by the Canadian process, not Ghana. Justin Trudeau, 613-992-4211 or, needs to make the call to the Canadian High Commissioner in Accra, Ghana ,
Ms. Heather Ann Cameron.
Contact info: 233-30-221-1521 ,
Perhaps Ghana's Honorary Consul General in BC can be of assistance in moving this forward as well, Mr. George Addei-Piprah.
Contact Info: 1-604-715-6624,

Personal story
We have watched this unfold and are very concerned for the Moran family. Tim has known Clark and Kim since they were teenagers at Highway Pentecostal Church and watched them grow up, get married, seen them launched into Ministry and seen their struggles with Kim's MS, and we celebrated their courageous and loving decision to adopt a child. It is heart breaking to see the delays, and agonize over the health, the incredible financial stress our government has inflicted on this young family because of these needless delays. We have reached out to those that should have been able to encourage a resolution through normal channels , however there has been nothing done. We feel a petition should be created to bring additional awareness to this problem. It is affecting other families as well. As a nation we need to stand and support those that want to make a positive difference in a child's life. Thank you for your support by signing this petition and encouraging others to do so as well. Megan & Tim Ross




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Privacy Sleep

I started using a sleep app last week and I frankly like the insight it gives me. Helps me understand what I am doing right and what needs to improve. I gt off to a rocky start with gettig setup, minor really, I figured it out in 2 minutes. 2 minutes, wow, how impatient we have become with technology. We are very instant in our expectations. So, I am going into day seven where the data I have will the opportunity to upgrade and get more from the system by subscribing to it. Free vs Paid, which will it be. Frankly, I like free, who doesn't, however, you do get what you pay for and I get to make a decision is it worth knowing. Now, sleep is a very important part of our health, next to diet and exercie, everything from what I understand hinges on your sleep, so a small investment in such a service is incredible value when you consider everything you can learn, and help you stay on track and nudge you back to safety if you get off track. 


Now, when you start to get a bit serious about such a personal matter, you truly have an interest in their privacy policy. Well, I read it through and it gave me continued confidence in their product. I will post a copy of what I read in the comment section below.  I may want to double check the term sin the future and having an independent copy may prove beneficial down the road, and interesting to see how policies change overtime as needs and changes evolve. 


This week at conference I listened and was counseled by some incredible industry experts in the financial services, legal, tax and charity industries.  One of the hot topics was privacy , PIPEDA  The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) (the Act) is a Canadian law relating to data privacy. It governs how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information in the course of commercial business.

One of our speakers who works out of the Privacy Office of Canada , ; described their role and the whole reason behind these acts. He summed it up rather profoundly for me. The purpose of the act is to give Canadians confidence in doing business online. That's about it. The rest is the how and all the little steps and rules you have to follow, the reason is to provide confidence in the system, make it secure to ensure confidence in doing business online.  When I see all the misuse of data by government, I think it helps protect us a bit from governent sharing across platforms. That theroy is pure speculation and I have no strong feelings either way, however they have been known to breach very often and that is just what we heard about. As of Nov 1st, breachs have to be reported by everyone. 

Check out the link on privacy commission presenation and listen in on some of the best practices that we endevor to uphold and practice. 

Part 1

Part 2



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Life Insurance Thoughts - Best Practice Legal

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

CORRECTION: Life Insurance Agents Compliance Report: 2017/18 Examination Results


View in browser • Le français suit

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has released its 2017/18 Life Insurance Agents Compliance Report.

FSCO conducted 132 on-site examinations and 94 desk reviews of higher- and medium-risk life agents, and found concerning trends in non-compliant activities.

Protect your business

To better protect yourself, your clients, and your business, ask yourself:

  • Do you disclose to clients, in writing, all the insurers you represent?
  • Do you complete the mandatory 30 hours of continuing education credits within every two-year licensing period?
  • Do you have valid Errors and Omissions insurance coverage?
  • Do you document your needs assessments, client discussions and recommendations to clients?
  • If your client chooses not to follow your recommendation, do you get their written acknowledgment?

These are just some of your responsibilities as a licensed life agent. Make sure you understand all of your obligations under the Insurance Act and regulations, as well as industry best practices.

You should also review our new Treating Financial Services Consumers Fairly Guideline to understand FSCO's expectations and to better protect your clients and your business.

FSCO will continue to look for evidence of compliance with both legislative requirements and best practices during on- and off-site examinations.

Taking Action

As our year-over-year examinations have not shown a significant improvement in compliance, we will be taking action to address these trends. Read the full report to learn what steps we're taking.



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Please note: If you are a regulated licensee/registrant, regardless of whether or not you subscribe to e-communications, you will automatically receive important information from FSCO via the e-mail address you have provided. More importantly, as a regulated licensee/registrant, you will not be able to unsubscribe from these important email communications.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario
5160 Yonge Street, P.O Box 85 • Toronto, ON M2N 6L9
1-800-668-0128 • © Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2018

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

CORRECTION: Rapport de conformité sur les agents d'assurance-vie — Résultats des examens de 2017-2018


Afficher dans le navigateur

La Commission des services financiers de l'Ontario (CSFO) a publié son Rapport de conformité 2017-2018 sur les agents d'assurance-vie.

La CSFO a mené 132 examens sur place et 94 examens de suivi auprès d'agents d'assurance-vie présentant un risque élevé ou modéré et a constaté des tendances préoccupantes parmi les activités non conformes.

Protéger votre entreprise

Afin de mieux vous protéger et de mieux protéger vos clients et votre entreprise, posez-vous les questions suivantes :

  • Divulguez-vous par écrit à vos clients tous les assureurs que vous représentez?
  • Suivez-vous les 30 heures de formation continue obligatoire pour chaque période de renouvellement de 2 ans?
  • Avez-vous une assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle valide?
  • Documentez-vous vos évaluations des besoins, vos discussions avec les clients et vos recommandations aux clients?
  • Si un client décide de ne pas suivre votre recommandation, lui demandez-vous une confirmation par écrit?

Voilà quelques-unes de vos responsabilités à titre d'agent d'assurance-vie. Assurez-vous de comprendre toutesvos obligations au titre de la Loi de 1990 sur les assurances et de ses règlements, ainsi que les pratiques exemplaires du secteur.

Vous devriez également examiner notre nouvelle Ligne directrice pour le traitement équitable des consommateurs de services financiers pour comprendre les attentes de la CSFO et mieux protéger vos clients et votre entreprise.

La CSFO continuera de vérifier la conformité aux exigences législatives et aux pratiques exemplaires lors d'examens sur place et hors site.

Mesure à prendre

Comme nos examens d'une année à l'autre n'ont pas révélé une amélioration significative de la conformité, nous prendrons des mesures pour traiter ces tendances. Lisez le rapport complet pour découvrir les mesures que nous prenons.



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Remarque : Si vous êtes un ou une titulaire de permis ou déclarant(e) touché(e) par la réglementation, que vous soyez inscrit(e) ou non aux communications électroniques, vous recevrez automatiquement des renseignements importants de la CSFO à partir de l'adresse électronique que vous avez fournie. De plus et surtout, à ce titre, vous ne pourrez pas vous désinscrire de ces importantes communications envoyées par courriel.

Commission des services financiers de l'Ontario
5160, rue Yonge, C.P. 85 • Toronto (Ontario) M2N 6L9
1 800 668 0128 • © Imprimeur de la reine pour l'Ontario, 2018

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The CRA call action protection plan 

I was reminded today our advisors conference that clients should be simply referring any and all calls they get from CRA to us or their authorized representative. 
This will I’ll help protect you from CRA scams and protect you from CRA themselves. 
Cra agents are compeled to redirect their calls calls to the representative and deal with the matter Professionally. 
They kniw now who the authorized representative is, so you should jut tell them or confirm. Doing that can perpetrate a fraud act if that is the case. There is a high volume of activity out there. 
At our firm firm we are able to work on your behalf.  Please let us know if the call and we will make a note of it in your fine and confirm if there is any activity actually concerning on your file. 
I would also advise us of any corespondece as well, I can see that being the next way they try and scam people. 
If if you do not have an authorized representative on file and you would like representation please contact our office to see if that can be arranged for you. 
As we develop our our membership offerings this will be one of our official Omega Stewardship services going forward in the members plan. 
Thank you
Tim Ross, Family Advisor ®
Family Office providing Omega Stewardship ®
613-345-0016 Office
Helping Families Achieve ...Life’s Major Goals ®
* One Stop Process Driven Approach for Retirement & Income Planning
* Personalized Tax Management Solutions for Individuals & Business Owners
* Confidential Wealth Management Solutions
Mutual Funds through Professional Investments 
Brock Shores Financial 
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Green Energy Thoughts


After watching the video in this article a couple things strike me. 

In Canada we have the upcoming cap and trade swap of funds which I don’t see helping much. Then in  Ontario there was a massive addition to the grid of solar and wind which has been overpriced compared to fossil fuel to encourage development, but too much has been produced vs what is required, so this has beenreally messed up. A good thing has been tarnished. Perhaps I am kind and thinking this is a typical result when governments get involved. 

On the positive we have capacity and excess. 

However the government has missed the “find efficiencies “  part of the plan.

i heard yesterday how Ontario has to pay billions to get rid of the excess energy generated from our green solar and wind productions. 

I am reminded of  Jeremie Riffkins book and presentation a number of years ago about the hydrogen economy. How that would all integrate. That advice in the book has not happened to the best of my knowledge, or I have not seen it.  If it did and it should we would have a pretty amazing system amen stewardship of our green resources. 

Ontario government has just cancelled I believe over 700 new installation contracts as it has too much electricity and no way to store it.

Money should have been invested into the storing as part of the Hydrogen Economy. Maybe it is happening someplace.  Let’s hope that vision gets resurrected and we move forward in this world.

That part of the production has to be realistically fixed before moving forward with more large scale green energy production in a perfect world. Saying that it should still be expanded. Would be good to find lower cost options for solar and wind as well. We all should be producing our own if and when possible. 

This is not my only thought on the matter, a simple observation. 



a windy sunny day

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Just Breathe

Just Breathe, an up beat song, reminding us to Just Breathe 

one of the most important part of my physical training is to breathe properly. 

That is critical to progress and recovery. 4 in , pause, 8 out, pause , breathing from your gut through your nose. Not your mouth, not your chest. Don’t forget to breathe. Slow it down, get the oxygen in and out. Your body , every cell needs the life giving oxygen flowing through the blood. 

So when life is going fast, feels a little crazy, just breathe and thank God for ever breath. 


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