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Gov Wiggles on Renters

From what I see. 

Even though the government would know who qualifies, they are making low income people and those that use most of their resources to apply for this benefit.

This gives them lots of wiggle room to simply not have to payout as much money as they should. 

Plus a fairly tight deadline for filing.


CRA knows our income, so they know who would qualify.

Most people in Ontario submit what their rent is in-order to qualify for Trillium benefit. So CRA knows that number, at least in Ontario.

Some other provinces have rent info, some do not. So at least in Ontario. This job could be done all in-house. That's a big part of the population and probably a big part of the potential payout. 

Bottom line, government has not thought this out if their intent was to serve. Frankly they have created lots of a wiggle room and more importantly an opportunity to expand government, a lot of paper files to process. Yeah 


Note, the group that is most likely to qualify for this benefit perhaps do not have a phone, or internet service  .... as a lot of this applying is encouraged to be done on line or over the phone .... it furthers shows how they wish to wiggle. .... March 31, more wiggle.  Maybe some of my thinking is out of date, everyone seems to have a phone with wifi options or a little data. 

CRA link for details 

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It's Too Expensive

This brings me to a myth I hear all the time about insurance.

"It's too expensive."

No, it is not.

Here's what an insurance policy does for your clients:

1. It diversifies their wealth. This might be the only remaining free lunch out there.

2. It optimizes their wealth by reducing long-term taxes, as insurance policies are tax-exempt.

3. It shifts risk away from families at a low cost to someone willing to take on that risk.

4. It makes the estate planning process easier for your beneficiaries. Life insurance policies pay out expediently to the heirs, bypassing the estating process, which means less hassle and faster money.

These are all enormous benefits to our clients.

"If you present insurance positively and showcase its benefits, you will find clients will stop seeing insurance as a cost and treat it as an asset. It is well priced and has massive value for my family. "

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