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Know Go Grow: The Entrepreneur Within You

I was doing some research this morning, checking on my Twitter history. I made a decision this week to pause all data sharing with Twitter due to their decision to heavily censor many around the world,  brought on by their decision to delete the account of Donald Trump, President of the United States. The attack on free speech is not a good thing for the world. Enough said about this, I am sure there is other platforms that this can be explored on. 

So, during this review, I came across my friend, Ben Kubassek and noted his new website and brand update. . I thought, that makes sense and is catchy. So I did a little deeper dive and came away with some great info and thus sharing here. I met Ben many years ago, his mission and vision have been an inspiration throughout the decades. Have had him to Brockville to share his message in the past, very well attended and wonderful speaker and educator. His work in Romania was very cool indeed. Hope you get some good ideas here, I md looking forward to the ones I get. 


There is a link to tools that Ben uses with his mission, link below.

His new book Know Go Grow has a download page for a couple chapters, so I did so and have begun reading, and recording a new podcast on the topic. Please see Intro link here and below. The act of reading and recording allows one to review later when your on the go and makes it easier to share nuggests as you find them. Hopefully will develop into  bit of  resource for those that find it of value, in the meantime, it will help me think about the topic.  

Be sure and download your own copy of the book. 

The title of this blog, I played with a bit. Now Go Row was capped within the words Know Go Row  , we need to Row , usually we row together if you have a bigger boat, you can row by yourself in a small boat, as it gets bigger, you Now need to Row together , just a little hidden message I seen in the main message. 

Thanks for your attention


“Don’t say, ‘If I could, I would.’ Say, ‘If I can, I will." ~ Jim Rohn



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The Door ... Dare 2 Dream Nov 2 2019

PEAK Disclosure- check for inspiration and education


well, made some progress this morning mapping out some administration for the The Door ... Dare 2 Dream location in Prescott where we are starting a Financial Ministry. 

1st , need a calendar to map out the big stuff that goes on in the outreach centre.

2nd, colour coding to identify the focus on the schedule , when you go to a meeting it’s nice to get a feel what you need to bring, besides your phone and perhaps what your attitude tune should be dialling into 

3rd, main contacts and some direction to expect to help one navigating the deep so we land softly and effectively, recognizing some of the waters are muddy and knowing that is ok. 

4th, sharing some stuff done and ready to share, so we have some progress to review and how to get more on the plan

5th, some useful resources for our Finances that we can start working on today and develop perhaps for the rest of our lives, building some legacy’s 

there is usually a half dozen things , so let’s leave some room for God to have His way

Always check out the comments below, I add there, this will be a resource area for a season. You can search for key words and tags of major items. Blog stuff :)





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Inspirational Tipping Point

My notes from IFB Ottawa Ccnference  last month that I attended as part of our professional development . 

An  encouraging session 

  • Tim


Simon Reilly, Leading Advisor

You can go out there and add value.

Cicero and Damenthosis, speech, let’s March

Get the why right or you will just do

We have a vocation not a job,  a vocation has it in your soul, the why you do it !

Passion and pulls you forward

Get rid of fear !

Inspire from deep within

We all have values inherent within you, tie values and inspiration together

If your acting tired, burn out, overwhelmed, no time, why would clients want to work with you, they will feel that from you

Feel you have time and money, make is

Wake up to gain additional understanding

We have to take responsibility, if it is going to be it’s up to me

Being, your soul

Bob Dylan , back seat driving quote Time magazine

Control I need to do it myself, need of approval and recognition, thoughts are a wheel of fortune, pick up the vibe , and they disempower themselves , and they start making mistakes , they will last 6 months if your lucky

We get distracted from making a difference by all the baggage we carry

Front seat driver or back seat driver

People walk through their days unconsciously

The emotions and belief systems get in the way

Leading Advisor , testimony from Robert Clark,   Millennium, extremely bright ,

We can’t superimposing judgements on them

Missy Pursley, became the leader as she got strong vision

He works for a short period of time, you don’t need a paid friend

Don’t need to be driven by the back seat driver, doesn’t need to be that way

We need to seize the day and see the people

Understand and discover how to get your needs met

People are getting overwhelmed with the decision processing

Work out business puzzles and solve them

Create the family office

Free book, presentation they did

97$ to get started , after evaluation to start,

Get changed at a cellular level, help get past hang ups that I have

So you don’t have to prove to much, just explain how it will happen

What ever you resist persists

What is out needs DNA ?

What is the story behind it? Step 1, Step 2

Work through the emotions and belief

Develop your conviction  

Your greater than your body, your mind ,!its your soul

We can provide extraordinary value to our clients

Say Yes

Good presentation, positive ideas , perhaps could benefit from this coaching going forward

Ted Talk Link

Thank you
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Thousands of years ago, the story of Let's March was born. Two of the greatest public speakers of all time were Cicero and Demosthenes. Cicero was the greatest speaker in Rome; Demosthenes was the greatest speaker in Athens. After every time Cicero gave a speech, the audience would give him a standing ovation, wildly applaud, and say, "Wow, what an incredible speech." When Demosthenes was done speaking, the people would say, "Let's March."

Bob Dylan Interview -Time

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Through Back Thursday - Circa 2007

Through Back Thursday - Circa 2007

Going through my archives I came across some great memories. Some building blocks of Timothy Ross & Associates.  This is one of the foundation documents that I produced in March 2007 where I summarized the concept of the process that I was building call Omega Stewardship.

This document is in it's raw form, the inside view, the bricks that built the business.  ~ TLR


Omega Stewardship ® "Providing the Multi - Family Office Solution"

The Reason

1. Compliance & Disclosure

2. Maintain & Enhance Existing Client Relationships

3. Convert Prospects to Clients


Who, What, When, Why, Where


Omega Stewardship is a brand developed by Timothy L. Ross, a Financial & Tax

Advisor, who has been practicing and serving clients since 1988. Mr. Ross,

created his own designation, Family Advisor, to distinguish himself in a

crowded financial services market.


He has developed several brands, and slogans to enhance and differentiate

his business from others in the industry.


"Where Client Goals Become Our Goals"


"Merchant of Hope & Prosperity"


"Family Advisor"


"Steward of Faith, Hope & Prosperity"


"Helping Families Acheive ... Life's Major Goals"


"Gaurdians of Your Families Wealth"


"Omega Stewardship"


Tim's creative and imaginative mind has been able to take some of the best

of the best ideas and integrate them into a practice standard that allows a

very comprehensive and holistic approach to financial planning. His process

is geared around complete personalization of all key communications with



Mr. Ross and others in the industry believe that this system will be a boom

for any advisor that has a desire to streamline their client management and

acquisition process. The tools combined with professional competancy will

ensure a successful, profitable, meaningful , well run practice.


Compliance Dream


The system integrates all compliance matters to help reduce litigation and

misunderstanding between advisor and client. The full disclosure engagement

letters, risk profile, numerous disclosure documents required today,

investment policy statements and ongoing educational matters helps to

control and reduce risk. The practice standards that drive the client

contact process ensure proper notes, documents, meeting guides and activity

reports that allow an advisor to maintain an active log of all



Your compliance officer will sleep well knowing you are providing Omega



Maintain & Enhance Existing Client Relationships


Omega Stewardship helps to consolidate all parts of a clients financial

plan, current and future. Integrating these matters in a tangible way,

involving the client and advisor in what we call a work in process, the

process is never finished, as life is always evolving and so the financial

plan must as well. Clients become advocates of Omega Stewardship and the

advisor providing this level of quality care and service. The system will

uncover hidden opportunities and the client will see were they need help as

well, it is a work in progress. You will have deeper more satisfying

relationships and you will make a real true impact and difference in your

clients and their families life. You automatically become more referral and

they will become advocates for Omega Stewardship and you as the advisor.


Converting Prospects to Clients


"We have a process, and it makes all the difference" When a prospect sits

down with you and they see you have prepared for the meeting, they know they

are working with a professional who knows her business. When they see what

you have already prepared for them, even before you have done business, they

will know you are serious and they will want to work with you. No one else

will be able to provide what you just offered, it is tangible, they can see

it, touch it, with coaching they will feel it. That will give you an edge

and help convert all the business to your management. It will simply be hard

for them not to give you their business.


We practice Continuous Improvement.  Creating efficiencies, documenting processes, procedures and this helps to reduce potential confusion that can occur in a busy family office practice.  This helps to raise the bar for the client experience.


Timothy Ross

Family Advisor ® , since 1988

Branch Manager Professional Investments

"Steward Of Faith, Hope & Prosperity" ®

"Where Client Goals Become Our Goals" ®

"Helping Families Achieve ... Life's Major Goals" ®


"Life's Major Goals"


1. Tax Smart Planning & Investing

2. Worry Free Retirement

3. Education of Our Children & Grandchildren

4. Quality Care for Our Parents

5. Meaningful Financial Help for Our Loved Ones

6. Meaningful Legacy




Timothy L. Ross,

Family Advisor ®, since 1988

"Where Client Goals Become Our Goals" ®

"Helping Families Achieve... Life's Major Goals" ®


Guardians Of Your Family's Wealth"





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I am often asked what is Omega Stewardship ® ? 

There is a number of trademarks that I have created since starting the business back in 1988. They represent the idea that we can somehow condense what we do in a few words. The goal is that it helps people understand what we do quickly and to the point. It's an incredible idea to think one can do that, considering everything that we do. This process is certainly not unique to our business, and for business owners, employee's, volunteers of charities etc it's a great process to go through. 

I will tackle each of these as I move forward with the site and explain a little about the history and back story behind some of these words that we use to describe what we do and what we want to see , our vision, mission, and core values.

Omega Stewardship ® is one of the trademarks that I created over the years. It is a process that uses industries best practices and is a mind set of continual improvement. In it's simplest form it describes our process of what we want to accomplish, the value that we want to bring and some of the principals that we want to apply and accomplish  in all our activities of service to our clients at Brock Shores Financial. The three lines below covers the main goals that I feel will help towards the mission of #ImprovingFutures

Timothy Ross, CEO & Founder, Brock Shores Financial #ImprovingFutures

Family Office providing OMEGA STEWARDSHIP ®

* One Stop Process Driven Approach for Retirement & Income Planning
* Personalized Tax Management Solutions for Individuals & Business Owners
* Confidential Wealth Management Solutions

"Helping Families Achieve ... Life's Major Goals"®

"Where Client Goals Become Our Goals" ®

Tax and Consulting Services in Association with Timothy Ross & Associates
Family Office providing Insurance Products in Association with Financial Horizons Group
Family Office providing Mutual Funds in Association with Professional Investments (Kingston) Inc.


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