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Now, this turned bold, I have been guilty of this wrong doing, thanks for the reminder Richard. - TLR

Don’t Be Defensive

By Richard Millington on Dec 11, 2018 07:30 am

The moment you get defensive, take insults personally or react badly to criticism you’ve lost the chance of building a positive relationship with that member (and other members who see your response).

Every interaction is a great opportunity to build a stronger relationship, deepen mutual understanding, and find better solutions to community problems.

You shut down those possibilities when you try to defend your own reputation instead of making the other member feel great.

Defensive responses are selfish responses.

The great irony is the best way to improve your reputation is to ignore the personal insults against you and focus on helping other members solve their problems, feel understood, and more appreciated.


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Let’s not miss this

This is a great story for leaders, the story of Joseph is legendary,  this is just the surface, in this lesson the minister touches on a variety of topics that can nurture us, some joy in our parting and hello’s, some sound advice for teaching our sons and daughters how to be better in society , some valuable life lessons. 

 Sent, Sold, Sad, Safe (Part 1 of 2) - Broadcast - Truth For Life


Genesis 37 , picks up the story of Joseph 

Remember that there is moments of life in 

Our good byes 

Our greetings 

We need to teach our children, train them to stand on their own two feet. 


Go Check Report Back , his dad’s plan to teach independence 

Looking people in the eye

Parting is such sweet sorrows, full of emotions 

speak when spoken to

common courtesy’s teach to children

Teach them to be responsive , to pay attention, look in my eyes example , in your eyes I see your soul, I find out who you are

its a wonderful world, Louis Armstrong 

friends greating friends

saying how are you 

there is is a last time for every journey 


you will never know when it is the last time


It is good to make much of our partings and our hello’s

they are significant events in life


let’s not miss the chances in the common simple every day events of life


Love baby love , that’s the secret ;










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