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ESG is Still Important

ESG is Still Important, Responsible Investing has always been important.

The green washing I have seen the last few years was concerning. Here is an interesting article on the matter and how it has been abused, leading to what the author causes it's death.


"The topics within the purview of ESG metrics are incredibly important. They’re legitimate prompts for business operations and will continue to impact performance and future prospects."


Gleaned from my email today from Directors & Boards a great resourse.


When it comes to the title question, you could have a variety of answers. And one of those answers could very well be, “What are you talking about? ESG is very much alive.” But Nir Kossovsky, CEO of Steel City Re and a former Los Angeles County deputy coroner, believes the movement died as a result of what he calls “Toxic Label Syndrome.”

According to Kossovsky, “ESG’s abandonment was preceded by a conflict between ambiguous moral priorities and unambiguous financial priorities, becoming progressively toxic and dysfunctional and precipitating its downfall from the communications lexicon.”

Kossovsky’s piece “What Killed ESG?” is certainly one man’s opinion. What’s yours? Do you agree with Kossovsky that ESG has moved past mere backlash and has now officially flatlined? Or do you believe that rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated and that its principles are still a major force in the boardroom? Maybe you think, as we have heard from several directors, that the term ESG has become a trigger term and that its organizing principles could simply use a new name (or no name at all)? We would love to hear your thoughts at bhayes@directorsandboards.com.


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ESG RI thoughts out there



great article with a few interview discussing this important topic. 

our  practice has embraced ESG and RI investments for sometime now and have been pleased with adding this investment policy to client portfolios

my greatest concern is media greenwashing 

it needs to be more than that

for me, it is good when our investment policy aligns with our core values


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