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Pyrrhic - Count the cost



I came across this word this morning while researching some articles on wills and the second will. The second will has become a concern in the legal and estate planning world recently. 

More direction is required and I suspect more cases will come forward for dissection. 

  1. (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.
    How many things have we done that we just paid too much for to be right? It’s a good question, count the cost. Families, Friendships, Business, Health,    Ideals, a Soul.  Some things are priceless , some are pointless, some you just have to go with the flow and find peace down the river. 
    Every once and awhile, you have seal up the holes for the winter, batten down the hatches and wait for winter to pass, your spring is just around the corner.  Get ready to plant, spring time, summer and then harvest time will present itself once again. 
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