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Elected Compliance

We received our reminder this morning regarding compliance reporting if you have a client who is an elected official.

If your a newly elected candiate you should let your advisor know of your change in status. This is a little thing that may get overlooked in the excitement of securing your position, however compliance is a serious matter and proper due dilegence is requried to ensure the integrity of our systems.

If this directly affected you, Congratulations !  If your a close friend to a candiate please let them know.

"With municipal elections completed, please review your client list for any clients that may have been elected to a seat of office. If you have a client who has been elected, you must report this information to our office as per FINTRAC regulation. "

An elected municipal official is considered a "Domestic Politically Exposed Person"

PEP for short.

The regulations also extend to members of the family of as well.

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Timothy Ross


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FSCO update Insurance Regulations



Reviewed the guidebook today. Fairly good common sense, communication. Take care of clients needs. Due diligence and go the second mile to ensure clients understand what they have and what their options are. 


Click on the link above for the full guidance report. 


A couple things I would like our firm to get better at is letting clients know the broad range of products we have available. Travel insurance, health benefits and hospitalization insurance come to mind. 

Tim Ross, Founder Brock Shores Financial


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