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Know Go Grow: The Entrepreneur Within You

I was doing some research this morning, checking on my Twitter history. I made a decision this week to pause all data sharing with Twitter due to their decision to heavily censor many around the world,  brought on by their decision to delete the account of Donald Trump, President of the United States. The attack on free speech is not a good thing for the world. Enough said about this, I am sure there is other platforms that this can be explored on. 

So, during this review, I came across my friend, Ben Kubassek and noted his new website and brand update. . I thought, that makes sense and is catchy. So I did a little deeper dive and came away with some great info and thus sharing here. I met Ben many years ago, his mission and vision have been an inspiration throughout the decades. Have had him to Brockville to share his message in the past, very well attended and wonderful speaker and educator. His work in Romania was very cool indeed. Hope you get some good ideas here, I md looking forward to the ones I get. 


There is a link to tools that Ben uses with his mission, link below.

His new book Know Go Grow has a download page for a couple chapters, so I did so and have begun reading, and recording a new podcast on the topic. Please see Intro link here and below. The act of reading and recording allows one to review later when your on the go and makes it easier to share nuggests as you find them. Hopefully will develop into  bit of  resource for those that find it of value, in the meantime, it will help me think about the topic.  

Be sure and download your own copy of the book. 

The title of this blog, I played with a bit. Now Go Row was capped within the words Know Go Row  , we need to Row , usually we row together if you have a bigger boat, you can row by yourself in a small boat, as it gets bigger, you Now need to Row together , just a little hidden message I seen in the main message. 

Thanks for your attention


“Don’t say, ‘If I could, I would.’ Say, ‘If I can, I will." ~ Jim Rohn



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    Know Go Grow , TLR Reading
    Book by my friend Ben Kubasek , a book to help help develop the entrepreneurs within you . A book about developing the Knowledge- Information - Wisdo…

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