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  • https://www.visualcapitalist.com/how-music-streaming-money/

    Cents and Sounds: How Music Streaming Makes Money
    This infographic explores how the music streaming industry generates almost half of the global music market's $19.1 billion in revenue.
  • https://www.fastcompany.com/90441992/blue-bottle-wants-you-to-bring...

    Blue Bottle wants you to bring your own coffee cup—or pay up
    In a radical announcement, Blue Bottle said it would do away with disposable cups altogether in a beta test.
  • https://www.fastcompany.com/90430042/5g-will-transform-entertainmen...

    The next generation of the internet is almost here—and it could even transform our farms
    The 5G farm of the future will have real-time soil monitoring, connected tractors, remote veterinarian care, and more.
  • WhatsGood brings farmers markets into the 21st century

    On his way to work at a restaurant in Rhode Island, Matt Tortora always passed local farms. He wondered: If farm-fresh goods abounded, why did his restaurant always source food from a distributor with no local connections? 

    Now, Tortora’s company, WhatsGood, pairs farmers with restaurants and average consumers to make “fresh and local” truly fresh and local.

    WhatsGood started by solving a problem

    Restaurants wanted farm-fresh goods. Farmers wanted to sell more of their products. But neither had time to foster connections.  

    Tortora leveraged his restaurant connections and visited farmers to get the first parties on his platform in 2015. In the first 2 years, WhatsGood made about $1m.

    Then came the big idea 

    After Tortora and his co-founders Erin Tortora and William Araújo realized that they and their friends never had time to attend farmers markets but still wanted fresh foods, WhatsGood launched a new service. 

    Their new subscription product lets consumers buy vegetables a la carte directly from farmers, while WhatsGood delivers the purchases. So far about 20k people have signed up in the DC, Boston, and Rhode Island markets. That number is growing about 30% each month.

    “I think if we had just been beholden or tied ourselves to ‘this is what we’re going to do and only what we’re going to do,’” Tortora says, “I don’t think we would’ve found the successes that we’ve found.”  


    Why it pays to compliment the chef, and other takeaways from the anything-as-a-service economy

    In the business jargon landscape, “anything-as-a-service” (XaaS) is zooming past “Uber for X.”

    The OG of the XaaS model is, of course, software-as-a-service (SaaS). The SaaS model revolutionized the tech industry by delivering software via the internet rather than on premises.

    This change created benefits for both consumers (who got cheaper and more flexible services) and software creators (who could earn recurring revenue while accessing global markets).

    Microsoft Dominates SAAS. AWS Dominates IaaS. You Dominate XaaS?

    Other concepts that have adopted the X-as-a-service playbook include platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered a trailblazer in both spaces.

    The economics of the PaaS and IaaS models are so strong that while AWS accounted for only 13% of Amazon’s total revenue ($9B) in its previous quarter, it delivered 71% of the company’s operating income ($2.3B). 

    Now, dozens of business functions are ripe for X-as-a-service treatment

    In all of our post-turducken hangover generosity, the Trends team has compiled a list of 100+ XaaS opportunities for your perusal. Among our favorites:

    ·         Clothing-as-a-service (new wardrobes for $88/month)

    ·         Egg-freezing-as-a-service (fertility assessments for $300)

    ·         Games-as-a-service (unlimited video games from $12.99/month)

    ·         Knowledge-as-a-service (like having an “on-demand, personal, graduate-level Ivy League research assistant who never sleeps”... which you probably can’t afford)

    ·         Thanksgiving-leftovers-as-a-service (AKA “your mom”... now, go give her a big hug, you ungrateful doofus)

  • https://www.fastcompany.com/90429873/exclusive-chobanis-empire-was-...

    Exclusive: Chobani’s empire was built on Greek yogurt. Here’s why its next move is oat milks
    The top seller of yogurt in America is plowing into plant-based foods. ‘Fast Company’ has an exclusive look at the germination of the Chobani Oat lin…
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  • https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/immigrants-burning-canada-short-s...

    Immigrants Are Burning Canada Short Sellers
    (Bloomberg Opinion) -- Canada has been a primary target for short sellers since 2013. The principal reasons are the country’s very expensive housing,…
  • https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/21/youtube-ceo-anne-wojicki-to-video-c...

    YouTube CEO implores video creators to take some time off
    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, in her year-end letter, said YouTube hustlers can take some time off without worrying about burnout.
  • https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/11/21/celonis-raises-290m-series-c-fu...

    How three friends turned a college project into a $2.5 billion software unicorn
    The company just raised $290 million from investors including the CEOs of Qualtrics and Procore.
  • https://www.thewhig.com/news/local-news/old-napanee-arena-turning-i...

    Old Napanee arena turning into weekend roller rink
    The old arena on York Street in Napanee is transforming into a roller skating rink every Friday and Saturday this winter.Jay Bradley, an entrepreneur…
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