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Thanks for landing here, please check out the comment sections as I will be posting resurces there as they come at me. This sandbox will focus on farm management and farm succession resources. 


To kick this off, there is a course offered by University of Guelph that requires an investment of your time, there is a lot of good resources there, gets you thinking and hopefuly has soe good ideas to help make your farm more profitable, more enjoyable and get you inspired a bit. I completed the course this fall and found it useful and reminded me of my New Liskerad College of Agricuture Days. I graduated from there in 1984. The Dean , what is his name, it escapes me at the moment, thats not like me to forget a name, it will come to me. Anyway, Earl Pollock was on of my teachers , Allen Francis , he came from Renfrew and he retired there. 


Here is my  Christmas email


Merry Christmas ! wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season.

I meant to send this info earlier, and since I am doing some browsing, I thought you might benefit from this course that I took earlier this year. It's a free course that is packed with a lot of good info that is easy to get through and has some good business lessons in it.

The course opens up Jan 9th and one can get on the wait list by registering now.

This is a good course that you and your successors could benefit from.

I am thinking it might spark the succession conversations that should be happening.

I am going to retake the course, the price is right and sometimes we need to hear the message over and over again to glean all the benefits.


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