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    Proposed Amendments to the Underused Housing Tax -
  • Canadians should be sure to keep an eye out for a potential letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)notifying them that it's reviewing their benefits this year.

    Online, the CRA says it sends about 200,000 such letters every year to Canadians whose information needs updating or who may be receiving incorrect benefit or credit amounts.

    "The CRA is responsible for ensuring that benefits are issued only to eligible individuals and families. In pursuit of that goal, the CRA routinely carries out randomly-selected validation reviews, based on impartial criteria," the federal agency told MTL Blog.

    Some of the information the CRA may seek includes residency, marital status, and the identity of a primary care provider for a child, all things that could determine eligibility for some federal programs and the payment amount beneficiaries could receive.…
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