4 Day Work Week

4 Day Work Week

A noble goal to only be working 4 days a week. 

We have set our office hours to be open Monday through Thursday when we are not in the heart of tax season.  We have been doing this for several years now. It works for our team. When ever I start finding I can't get everything done we start looking for a new team member. It's not a perfect solution, I would love a 3 day a week work week, however this has helped us grow and take better care of our clients. Team member can book personal stuff on their days off so that helps everyone focus when they are in. 

Personally I monitor usually everyday, as the owner, I rely on my team at Brock Shores Financial to serve our clients, to show up , to look for opportunities to bring value to our clients and to our company. 

My plan for this post is to accumulate info on the 4 day model, hopefully this resource will inspire, encourage and help reach this noble goal for others and ourselves.




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    7 Cons of a 4 day work week
    1) Assumed benefits of a four-day week may be more fantasy than reality. ...
    2) Morale boosted from a 4-day workweek may be short-lived. ...
    3) Disadvantages of a four-day week may come with a price. ...
    4) Optimism towards a 4-day workweek may flee after a trial period.

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    The advantages of the four-day workweek
    While working four days instead of five is an excellent perk for employees, company leaders and employers can also benefit from the shorter workweek. There is plenty of evidence of the advantages for companies, including:

    1. Higher productivity: Dispelling the antiquated belief that working more hours equates to greater productivity, an experiment conducted in New Zealand detailed that working more results in just the opposite. In fact, the study revealed that workers are more energized, productive, and punctual when they work 32-hour workweeks.

    2. Increased employee engagement: CEO of New Zealand estate planning services company Perpetual Guardian and founder of the 4-Day Week Global grassroots nonprofit organization, Andrew Barnes documented a 20 percent increase in employee engagement since adopting a four-day workweek.

    3. Better mental health and wellbeing for employees: Fewer hours at work can help decrease stress, help workers feel they can achieve greater work-life balance, and allow employees to spend more time with their loved ones, as noted by the company Enterprise League.

    4. Improved retention rates: A report released by LinkedIn highlighted that 63 percent of professionals surveyed value work-life balance more than salary and consider it a top priority when searching for a new role. Offering a four-day workweek is an effective way to improve work-life balance, reduce attrition, and drive retention.

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