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Great article on this , assuming the same date in 2018, maybe we will do something to celebrate in the community. If you have any ideas or want to start something let us know. ~  TLR

Hug A Vegetarian Day


On Saturday September 24th 2017, the world celebrates Hug A Vegetarian Day! There are many people all over the world who believe that there’s no reason we should continue eating animals, and there’s plenty of arguments to support this stance. Both the environment and our health can benefit from excluding meat and animal products from our diets. There’s also a lot of cruelty in today’s meat industry, and this amount of suffering can be alleviated by fewer people choosing to eat meat. Hug A Vegetarian Day was created to honour those who have taken this step to live a cruelty free life by removing meat from their diet.

 Want to celebrate Hug A Vegetarian Day? Invite your vegetarian friends over and whip up some of these delicious meat-free appetizers using our fresh produce:  Grilled Pineapple & Tomato Salsa

.......  or if your on the edge , maybe you fit a little chicken into that veggie snack so you max your protein requirements , but be sure and get a local farm raised chicken that was raised free range , maybe one that was allowed to scratch in the garden for bugs and worms, helping the cause sort of speaking. What ever you do, eat well, eat healthy, know what your eating, how it was produced and support your local farmers.

Make it a picnic supper and find a shoreline someplace and enjoy the view, give thanks and Improve Your Life  ~ TLR  #ImprovingFutures 


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