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  • Subscription Offer 1 ++ 44% Direct Saving $300 Up Front
    We have a desire to help a fellow pioneer in the tree water industry to fund 200 shelves for an opportunity with a large Canadian Retailer. So we need to get him shelves that cost $300 each so they can get their product on a shelf in the store. So for less than a dollar a day he gets access. This is a method large retailers use to help them display product and get the supplier to pay the cost of that. Last conversation they had 45 shelves setup, so 155 more to go. Let's look at the math. Working on a return for a subscriber. 1st, a case of the beverage retails for $3/bottle. Each bottle has a minimum content of 240 ml, the bottle size is 250ml, there is 12 bottles in a case. There is multiple flavors, 1st is plain (simple maple),2nd strawberry, 3rd lemon, 4th blueberry, and 5th available is cranberry flavor. So a case retail value is $36 . So 1st offer is one case a month for your subscription. 12 cases a year shipped to your door, so you get to enjoy one per month . That sounds like a fair option #1 36/25 = 44% saving return ( Draft Offer) https://weekendwarriorsnew.locals.com/post/407281/subscription-offe...
    Subscription Offer 1 ++ 44% Direct Saving $300 Up Front
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