Using Art For Peace

Using Art For Peace
Creating peace through art
Rotary member and former Rotaractor Yesenia Uribe is promoting peace in a creative way. After participating in a Positive Peace workshop through Rotary’s partnership with the Institute for Economics and Peace, she began painting peace murals in her community of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Uribe worked with her fellow Rotaractors and community members to reclaim abandoned or vandalized public spaces. Using peace-related messages, they sought to transform them into safe environments where people can connect through art.

Your gift to The Rotary Foundation helps projects like this build peace in communities around the world. Celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September by donating today.


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I came across this article promoting art as a way to promote peace.  W have lots of artists in our area and we have had the priveage to help them over the years.  Some current projects that come to mind is the new art supply store on King Street in the former Home Hardware Store that Mr. Billings ran for decades.


Medium Effort

me·di·um   \ ˈmē-dē-əm

a mode of artistic expression or communication 

ef·​fort   \ ˈe-fərt

a conscious exertion of power 



Then there is the Art program for kids that Stacy and her friend started, greta association with Cross Town Impact



You have to get a piece from Terry Shaub, this man carves just wow stuff out of stone. I invested in a beautiful carved rose for valentines a couple years ago, very peaceful


Seen fellow Dream Mountains Foundation  climber Jann Smith at the Brockville Farmers market yesterday and she is with a group of pottery ladies and they had a wonderful display. I picked up a berry wash strainer bowl, looking forward to using that in our summer kitchen.


And I can not forget Joanne Raven,  "Raven Expressions", they have some beautiful, aweinspiring coasters and display boards that are incredible.  Fraser was maning the booth at the market yesterday , I may have some pictures that I can add in later.  

Raven Expressions 

Owners: Joanne Raven
Telephone: 613 213 3729

Products: Unique hand painted tiles of vibrant colours to be used for coasters, trivets, trays, art and charcuterie boards.





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