The CRA call action protection plan 

I was reminded today our advisors conference that clients should be simply referring any and all calls they get from CRA to us or their authorized representative. 
This will I’ll help protect you from CRA scams and protect you from CRA themselves. 
Cra agents are compeled to redirect their calls calls to the representative and deal with the matter Professionally. 
They kniw now who the authorized representative is, so you should jut tell them or confirm. Doing that can perpetrate a fraud act if that is the case. There is a high volume of activity out there. 
At our firm firm we are able to work on your behalf.  Please let us know if the call and we will make a note of it in your fine and confirm if there is any activity actually concerning on your file. 
I would also advise us of any corespondece as well, I can see that being the next way they try and scam people. 
If if you do not have an authorized representative on file and you would like representation please contact our office to see if that can be arranged for you. 
As we develop our our membership offerings this will be one of our official Omega Stewardship services going forward in the members plan. 
Thank you
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