Merry Christmas 2017 from Tim Ross

Merry Christmas 2017 from Tim Ross

First off I would like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Prosperous New Year, full of peace and love.

Second thing, a little update on what is happening as Christmas fast approaches,  ( the 14 day count down has started ). This afternoon I look out at the gently falling snow clinging peacefully to the branch's of the Maple Trees in the yard and I thought, man,  we have a lot to be grateful for and I just wanted to say thank you and wish as many people as possible a little Christmas encouragement, no matter what our connection is.  

So I decided I would send out a greeting to everyone on my contact list, now we may not have connected for some time now, for some, you may not even remember me or it could have been just yesterday that we chatted, no high power targeted message here, just a simple attitude of gratitude, no auto responder AI built in to this message, will do that next year :)

Now 2017 has been a great year and I have lots to be thankful for. We are fast approaching my 30th year of business as Timothy Ross & Associates. So this fall in celebration of this milestone I decided I would make some changes to insure the continuity of my business and allow for future growth and the eventual end of my calling. ( which I am not planning on for a number of years in-case you are wondering, I still have a lot of years left in me, Lord willing )  Our team has grown to five now and we are looking at on boarding another tax and investment specialist next year.

Planted on a strong foundation, rooted deep with a great Vision, Mission and Core Values, 

 going forward we will be known as "Brock Shores Financial".

Our head office will remain the same, located in what we call the "GTA Professional Center" ( your local Greater Tincap Area )  (formally the Seven Seas Building) 7 minutes from the South Coast of Canada. Brock Shores is code for St Lawrence River, with a strong anchor in Brockville. We are a Canadian business, so that shore line pretty well limits our geography for doing our core investment and tax business.  I am currently licensed for mutual fund investments in New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Now if you move, our firm will licence me in that province as well. We also provide Tax Services across Canada, Coast to Coast, utilizing the e-file system with CRA.

There has been an enormous amount of changes in technology this year, reflecting on it all, simply massive improvements. We are dedicated to implementing these improvements with our clients. These changes are effecting the way we work, prepare reports, create portfolio's, project the future, and keep track of business to maximize your profit and keep better track of and maximize your deductions to have the best tax impact and help you reach your major life goals.  2018 is looking like another great year and we want to thank you in advance for what ever contribution you may provide to our success. Our investment firm for many years used the symbol of a lawyers scale, indicating to the founder that we keep things balanced, and your success is our success, you do well, we do well. We will strive to keep that scale in all our activities weighted down with Trust, Integrity and Service. Providing Omega Stewardship so we can say that we truly are #ImprovingFutures

So once again, thank you and Merry Christmas !


 Timothy  Ross , Family Advisor ®

CEO & Founder, Brock Shores Financial , formerly Timothy Ross & Associates since 1988

"Helping Families Achieve ... Life's Major Goals" ®

Family Office providing Omega Stewardship ®

* One Stop Process Driven Approach for Retirement & Income Planning

* Personalized Tax Management Solutions for Individuals & Business Owners

* Confidential Wealth Management Solutions

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     "Life's Major Goals"            

    Tax Smart Planning & Investing              

  1. Worry Free Retirement
  2. Education of Our Children & Grandchildren
  3. Quality Care For Our Parents
  4. Meaningful Financial Help For Our Loved Ones
  5. Meaningful Legacy

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." ~ Melody Beattie

Let It Snow

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