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Axe Throwing - The Capitol

Peak Disclosure - Sharpen up


Will not be long till the Axe Throwing location opens up at "The Capitol"  an immersive escape room experience , part of the South Coast Escape Corporation , located on the North Augusta Road which connects the North End Walmart area to King Street, right next to The Brockville Flea Market. 

In anticipation of the grand opening I picked up a "Double Bit Axe" for throwing.  Figured I would do a little research on Estwing the company that made it. Here is their Outdoor Product Video

Estwing Outdoors from Estwing on Vimeo.


I picked up my a double bit axe at TSC store in Brockville. Doubles and Singles are available there. 


Website at The Capitol also, be sure to always check out the comment sections for some additional background info, pictures, articles, video and commentary
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