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Turmeric Tips

I started eating Turmeric in my morning smoothie, it's a bit spicy , as I learn about it's benefits I am glad I have added this to my diet. Along the journery I am learning how to grow this interesting plant. So turns out we are eating the right stuff, our package is organic, so it should be able to sprout, it's from Peru, I understand the original would be from India. Check in the comments for more updates and research. 

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How Does Turmeric Grow?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a perennial herb, closely related to ginger. That said, most all of these growing tips apply to ginger as well! Though ginger can be a little more finicky. Turmeric doesn’t have typical tiny “seeds” that you imagine for most plants. Instead, pieces of the root system called rhizomes are planted, which in turn produce above-ground foliage as well as more, larger rhizomes in the soil below. Those precious rhizomes are the very thing we after when growing turmeric! Each seed rhizome is often referred to as a “finger” – because when fresh turmeric is harvested, the cluster of rhizomes around a center node resembles a hand!



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Cranberry #Herbal Moments


 Edible Qualities: The fruits/drupes can be eaten raw (though not very tasty that way) or cooked, and like cranberries, they are rich in vitamin C and so have a tart, acid taste (the taste is best after a frost and when picked slightly under-ripe). They are an excellent substitute for cranberries and are likewise used in preserves, jams/jellies, sauces, etc., which make delicious condiments for meat and game. The jam reportedly has a very pleasant flavor. ‘Wentworth’, ‘Andrews’, and ‘Hahs’ are three varieties that are examples of the better-tasting, American form (americanum) versus the European form (see note below). And, how does a glass of juice made with highbush cranberries sound to you? Check out this delicious-sounding recipe courtesy of


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Charting The Garden


This is a cool chart, ordered a few in, thinking might make a great gift for the business to help people with their gardens going forward. #ImprovingFutures




In case your compliance cruising, full stop, see, read, digest disclosure



Oct 26 , 2016, Gleaning at Tincap Berry Farm, with Cross Town Impact benefiting local Food Banks


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