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Family Day Monday Feb 20th 2023

I received a number of emails from mortgage brokers this week.

There was some delighful tips on how to enjoy this Family Day holiday.

Here they are.

Be sure and check out the comment sections for additonal resources that I may discover and glean going forward. 

Our office will be closed on the 20th. 


Family Day Ideas

For those who celebrate Family Day, we thought we would highlight some ideas for special things you can do with your loved ones, and remind them how much you care!

Below are a few ways you can celebrate Family Day this year:

Cook a Meal Together: From making mini personalized pizzas to cooking up a brand-new recipe or baking something delicious, the kitchen is a great space for family time and making fun memories!

Get Crafty: Time to break out the glitter, glue and fun! Set up a craft station at your house this Family Day to entertain younger children – and reawaken your inner child! Don’t be afraid to get messy and create something fabulous.

Volunteer: A great way to make an impact (and bond with your family while you’re at it) is to volunteer your time together! Consider reaching out to a local organization or finding an event, such as a park clean-up, to participate in.

Try an Exercise Class: Want to enjoy your family and get a little exercise while you’re at it? Try joining a ZUMBA workout or an online exercise class! Not only is this a fun activity you can do with your kids from home, but it is a great way to teach them about health and start setting up healthy habits for life.

Record a Message: Sometimes, the entire family isn’t able to get together but recording a message together and sending it to those aunts, uncles and grandparents who live elsewhere is a great way to celebrate your family no matter where they are in the world.

No matter how you spend it, I hope you have a wonderful Family Day and I wish you and yours the best to come.

In most provinces of Canada, the third Monday in February is observed as a regional statutory holiday, typically known in general as Family Day (FrenchJour de la famille)—though some provinces use their own names, as they celebrate the day for different reasons. The third Monday of February is observed as "Family Day" in the provinces of AlbertaBritish Columbia (BC), New BrunswickOntario, and Saskatchewan; as Louis Riel Day in Manitoba; as Nova Scotia Heritage Day in Nova Scotia; and as Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.[1]

In Canada more generally, the third Monday in February has also been celebrated as Heritage Day, though this is not as an official holiday. This "Heritage Day" is observed by some in celebration of the country’s collective historyarchitecture, and cultural heritage.[2][3]

In Quebec and the three territories, the third Monday in February is a regular working day. The same is true in Newfoundland and Labrador except in Corner Brook, where it is an unnamed civic holiday. In Yukon, however, one Friday in February (typically the last/near-last Friday)—rather than a Monday—is deemed Yukon Heritage Day.

Two-thirds of Canadians live in a province that observes a February statutory holiday. Some provinces have changed the observance day of their holiday to match the other provinces.[4] As Family Day is not a federal statutory holidayemployees of the federal government (such as public servants and postal workers) work on this day in all provinces. The timing of Family Day also coincides with the United States' holiday of Presidents' Day (also known as Washington's Birthday, among other names).


PS: Flag Day is coming up soon , February 15th , this should be a national holiday :) 

NATIONAL FLAG OF CANADA DAY - February 15, 2023 - National Today

Some of the history is not correct on this site, I have noted that to the Canadian Flag Education Centre, they will get it updated. 

Cheers! TLR


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