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Trudeau Make The Call

A little social challenge in todays post. A plea to sign a petition to help a young family and a gofundme page to help them with their plight.




Bring Ayo Home, Go Fund Me Page

The Moran's are now over 100 days in Ghana waiting for our Canadian High Commissioner to approve the paperwork that will allow the family to bring their newly adopted son Ayo home. We started a petition yesterday encouraging Trudeau to make the call to get this done. We will post a link below for you to review. We admonish you to sign the petition and share with your friends, the government continues to pass the buck on this, we need to keep them accountable. Also please give as you are lead in your spirit and as your budget permits. May be you cover a half day like we did or simply a few hours of a day, everything helps. These delays are costing them $200 a day and with these excessive delays, the financial burden has exceeded all expectations. There is a video link in the petition that we encourage you to watch. Thank you Timothy Ross & Megan Elizabeth



Please Sign The Petition


We have 32 supporters as of writing this blog. It often takes a few days to build momentum. 

"Kim Moran has been stuck in Africa for the past three months waiting for Ottawa to process documents and is now pleading for help. She said the adoption is complete but that the government is failing in its responsibility to bring them home.

“Everything they have asked for we have given them. We’ve had all the forms authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all the forms are in order,” she told Global News via Skype. “This is a process that in most places, would have only taken a week.”

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Kim requires a special diet and medication. Her mother said the ordeal has been hard on her health. “It needs to be monitored every month,” Cindy Jeans said from her home in Port Hope, Ont.
“She needs to get home to see her specialist to get the proper care that she needs.”

The above has been extracted from the report on Global News, see the link for more details& video: https://globalnews.ca/news/4630903/canadian-family-adoption-baby-africa/
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is well aware of this situation! Please click the link below and watch !! Question was asked last week when they would act to bring this family home in the Question Period at the House of Commons
Trudeau simply needs to make the call!!

These Canadians have respected the rules, which began over three years ago. They have been approved , and this should have taken no more than 7-10 days to be cleared. We are now over 100 days!! The application simply needs to be approved so that they can come home with their adopted son, Ayo. It's being held up by the Canadian process, not Ghana. Justin Trudeau, 613-992-4211 or justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca, needs to make the call to the Canadian High Commissioner in Accra, Ghana ,
Ms. Heather Ann Cameron.
Contact info: 233-30-221-1521 , accra@international.gc.ca
Perhaps Ghana's Honorary Consul General in BC can be of assistance in moving this forward as well, Mr. George Addei-Piprah.
Contact Info: 1-604-715-6624, gpiprah@aol.com

Personal story
We have watched this unfold and are very concerned for the Moran family. Tim has known Clark and Kim since they were teenagers at Highway Pentecostal Church and watched them grow up, get married, seen them launched into Ministry and seen their struggles with Kim's MS, and we celebrated their courageous and loving decision to adopt a child. It is heart breaking to see the delays, and agonize over the health, the incredible financial stress our government has inflicted on this young family because of these needless delays. We have reached out to those that should have been able to encourage a resolution through normal channels , however there has been nothing done. We feel a petition should be created to bring additional awareness to this problem. It is affecting other families as well. As a nation we need to stand and support those that want to make a positive difference in a child's life. Thank you for your support by signing this petition and encouraging others to do so as well. Megan & Tim Ross




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