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Climbing Memories

Coming down is the hardest part of the summit journey, things work differently coming down , that was my personal experience climbing Kilimanjaro , getting down almost killed me. I had two guides going up and five guides going down, thankfully I didn’t need the sixth. There is a lot of analogies between climbing and retirement, looking forward to reading this article. I might add, I started out with a team of twenty, due to my health, I had to do the final stretch on my own, while the rest of team had their own group experience, I was solo. It’s certainly harder. I did a memory walk in my mind as I climbed that night. I seen my friends once in awhile on that part of the journey and they encouraged me, one was a bit delusional and tried to encourage me to give up based on her experience. So life is a bit like this. The key take away, our team leader had the experience, he had successfully climbed Everest and five of the other 7 highest summits of the world and he had climbed Kilimanjaro just over two years previously, experience coaching is important. Shawn gave the advice, encouraged, guided, was there for me and the others, yet in the end you have to take the next step, what ever that step is.



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