It's Too Expensive

This brings me to a myth I hear all the time about insurance.

"It's too expensive."

No, it is not.

Here's what an insurance policy does for your clients:

1. It diversifies their wealth. This might be the only remaining free lunch out there.

2. It optimizes their wealth by reducing long-term taxes, as insurance policies are tax-exempt.

3. It shifts risk away from families at a low cost to someone willing to take on that risk.

4. It makes the estate planning process easier for your beneficiaries. Life insurance policies pay out expediently to the heirs, bypassing the estating process, which means less hassle and faster money.

These are all enormous benefits to our clients.

"If you present insurance positively and showcase its benefits, you will find clients will stop seeing insurance as a cost and treat it as an asset. It is well priced and has massive value for my family. "

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