Going for 100 Plus

"Everyone wants to live longer but no one wants to grow old"


Larry Lewis (1867-1974) - Find a Grave Memorial



I spoke of running to play golf earlier my good friend the well-known golfing writer Gary wiring tells the man in San
Francisco who jogs 6.7 miles every morning as the distance around Golden Gate Park he also walks five miles to
and from work he works as a banquet waiter boxes a couple of times a week and toss it in eight or nine games a
handball as you can imagine he's in magnificent physical condition he's also 103 years old
his name is Larry Lewis and he began running in 1876 at the age of nine and he's been running and keeping as active
as he was at that early age ever since he's made the comment that you should never refer it to a person as being so
many years old since old often means something dilapidated Larry Lewis doesn't intend to become dilapidated
especially during his second 100 years Gary wiring suggests that each of us should ask himself these questions are
my muscles getting soft and flabby do I feel chronically tired and dragged out Emma clumsy performing physical tasks
which once were relatively easy for me can I feel and see unsightly bulges of
fat on my body do I have to stop and catch my breath after climbing one or two flights of stairs is my physical zest for Life
missing or rapidly failing if you agreed to more than a couple of those questions you may well become a victim of
premature aging here's another great contributor to the cardiovascular plague I mentioned earlier it isn't that we
want to live forever even as old as Larry Lewis maybe although I think it's a great idea if you're enjoying life but ...
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