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Great article came intoday that we should review to be able to do our best when engaged in training and learning online ~ TLR




Give Energy, Get Energy

If people aren’t paying attention to you, it’s hard to keep your own energy levels high—and keep the class engaged. In an in-person class, you could walk around the room to make connections and get people’s attention. But with everyone on mute, it’s difficult to reclaim energy, feed off it, and put it back into the presentation. You need to give energy to get it back. The class will follow. Here’s how to keep the energy going from start to finish from your computer.

Break the ice. As folks filter in, I engage in light, sometimes funny banter that gets people used to speaking and feeling more comfortable. This starts the class in a welcoming way and helps build a connection.

View your voice as a powerful tool. Your voice conveys your excitement—or lack thereof. My virtual presentation voice has more varied highs and lows. It’s much more demonstrative. When one of my questions gets answered, I give very enthusiastic responses, such as “Boom! That’s right!” or “Fantastic answer!”

Give an incentive for responding. Five seconds of silence in a virtual setting is an eternity. I let trainees know I’m cool with letting the uncomfortable silence go on as long as it needs to. This almost always prompts responses because most people hate silence. If that doesn’t do it, I simplify my questions and suggest answers to keep the responses coming.


......    https://blog.commonwealth.com/keeping-everyone-engaged-tips-for-virtual-training



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