What’s in the Wind

What’s in the Wind

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“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Jimmy Dean


Common sense

freedom of speech

many important matters addressed 

a fresh perspective 

True Canadian values


I was against the idea of removing SM, I have expanded my perspective on this, we are loosing many farmers because of this, consolidation of production is making barriers that are resulting in fewer farmers , perhaps it’s time for a change 

Supply Management & Corporate Welfare





World Government 

“The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is a global network of parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations, scholars, and dedicated citizens that advocates democratic representation of the world's citizens at the United Nations. A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, UNPA, for the first time would give elected citizen representatives, not only states, a direct and influential role in global policy.”


Leadedship at PPC raises the question about how deep is Canada in this, what is the Prime Ministers position on this.



Question and Good point on Carbon Tax, reminds me that my tractor has a unit in it


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    Official Voting Results
  • https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5375701

    Warren Kinsella's Daisy Group settles with former employee accused of Project Cactus leak | CBC News
    Daisy Group, the consulting firm run by political strategist Warren Kinsella, has reached a settlement with a former employee it was suing for $1 mil…
  • https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5372715

    Recordings reveal details of campaign to attack Maxime Bernier, PPC as racists before election | CB…
    Audio recordings shared with CBC News reveal political strategist Warren Kinsella told employees working on a campaign against the People's Party of…
  • Message to my LinkedIn network 

    This is a good read, some interesting history , a little insight into the political landscape and one new word that one might jump on board with , as one thinks about sound principals based on Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect  , please check it out and share within your networks, friends and foe Merci beaucoup - Timothy Ross https://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca/speech_fixing_canada_the_politi...


    Speech - Fixing Canada: The Political Challenge
    Join our team of supporters and help us bring freedom and prosperity to Canada!
  • https://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca/speech_fixing_canada_the_politi...

    Speech - Fixing Canada: The Political Challenge
    Join our team of supporters and help us bring freedom and prosperity to Canada!
  • https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/maxime-bernier-warns-disgruntl...

    Maxime Bernier warns alienated Albertans that threatening separation actually left Quebec worse off
    ‘You will likely find yourself in a very negative political dynamic. One based on failed attempts to blackmail Ottawa, internal divisions, and resent…
  • https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/opinion-peoples-party-of-canada-1.5...

    OPINION | Opinion: Here's why Canadians shouldn't underestimate the PPC based on its election resul…
    The People's Party of Canada may have scored a small percentage of the popular vote in its inaugural election run, but it had a nationwide presence a…
  • https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/maxime-bernier-has-one-electio...

    Maxime Bernier has one election regret, but says he’s definitely running again
    Bernier regrets tweeting that Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, was mentally unstable. ‘I did a mistake over there and…
  • My response to Tony’s concern

    ”Well, Tony,  it’s why I changed to the People’s Party of Canada , PPC  for short. I became undecided during this election, I have a 28 yr old daughter who emailed me about the PPC when the campaigning started, I found it interesting that she did that, I ignored it, I did not like the stand in Supply  Management , has no interest, a week before the election, I was talking with my dad, we talked about the massive loss of dairy farmers up North, they were getting bigger, consolidation has been happening for the last 10 years at an alarming pace, it’s simply difficult to acquire the capital to farm unless you have a base, a big barrier for a young person wanting to farm in the dairy or poultry industry. What was meant to protect farmers and our supply has made a scenario that is no longer desirable from a human perspective, let alone a free market , so a little chink in my Conservative armour happened and I listened to what Max had to say about everything else. He has a very positive platform that focuses on Unity, and a number of other issues that I can support with integrity.  First time I voted purely for a party and not a local representative. Thing need to change,

    There is lots to think about.  Have a awesome day!





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