Wonderful song , son let me tell you now .... 

Tough Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tough, is hitting that gravel
Falling off your bike
Then you saddle back up
For one more try, yeah
Tough, is what they tell you to be
When you scrape them knees
So you learn to be, tough

[Pre Chorus]
Hold 'em back, never let 'em fall down
But son let me tell you now

God made tears to fall like rain
Heal your heart and ease your pain
Ain't no shame if you can't hold 'em all inside
You can bottle 'em up as best as you can
But don't think that's what makes a man
Being strong's sure got its place and time
But tough don't mean you can't cry

[Verse 2]
Tough, is playing guitar with your papaw
For the very last time
That you never saw coming
Tough, is waking up thinkin'
That you get to do it again
But the news you get is tough
When daddy does his best to say
What I can see running down his face

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Clay Mills / Brice Long / Brandon Davis
Tough lyrics © International Dog Music, Little Tango Music, Sony Lakeview, Step By Step Worldwide Publishing



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