Social Media Awareness A good article on what to notice for Fake Accounts. Just today I got a messenger conversation that lead down a slippery slope , out of the blue, how are you doing, soon it was producing a link to a scam to get big refund from the government. Blocked them as soon as I seen the directions. So as soon as someone gets a little too wrapped up in a story flip those spidy senses on and be ready to stop and Block TLR
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  • I came across this yesterday from a friend, who must have just got fed up with critical thoughts, it's well thought out, except for the cussing, some good points made.  ~ TLR

    PSA & General FaceBook Etiquette (if you're my friend or a member of my community and want me to keep liking you):

    1. Do not add me to groups without first checking with me. Even if we do business together. Even if we are related by blood. I have (we all have) notifications bombarding us from a thousand directions already. With the finite amount of time I have left on Earth, my goal is to eliminate clutter and simplify my life, not make it more chaotic and fragmented. My brain simply cannot hold that much information at once. I'm sure you feel passionate about your "thing". That's cool. Be passionate. Be RIDICULOUSLY passionate. I'm passionate about my things too. I completely support you and your thing and wish you every success and hope you support me and wish the same for me. Just don't assume I am passionate about the same things you are. Ask me first.

    2. Do not give me unsolicited advice. I don't require any sort of intervention. I've done my work. I'm happy with who I am and the way I've chosen to live my life. I am not seeking enlightenment from sources outside myself. If I need help with something that I feel this community might be able to provide, I'll ask for it. Then you may share away with your brilliant gems of wisdom. Otherwise, I'm good thanks.

    3. When I post something with personal commentary, it's almost 100% of the time simply my observation of the world around me and my musings therein. In other words.. my OPINIONS or PERSONAL FEELINGS about a topic or experience (or whatever). You don't get to tell me my opinions or personal feelings are wrong. They're mine. Period. If you feel the urge to do so, go somewhere else. Like to bang your head off a wall or something equally effective. I'm me. You're you. Let's leave it at that.

    4. Before you boldly and passive-aggressively talk shit (to me or anyone else) from behind your computer screen miles away, ask yourself if you'd have the balls to say the same words to me if we were sitting across from one another and you had to experience the impact of them through my body-language-response and the expression on my face. If the answer to that is no, don't say those words here.

    5. Don't drink and Facebook. It's just a bad f idea.

    6. If you find it difficult to comply with any of the above, feel free to go ahead and delete yourself from my Facebook experience now. I'm done with whining and victimhood and bullshit and negativity. If it's what makes you feel happy and more complete in the world, fill your boots, no judgment from me. I just don't want it in my space.  Cool.

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