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Great article from James Allan, enjoy and check out his other articles on his blog -TLR Sow the Seeds of Innovation During the Holidays The holiday season is a great time to sow the seeds of innovation. Your mind is able to wander with the days off. You can get out of the normal routine of work, rest, work, rest. You get to meet people from different industries when family and friends come over. They may share stories of their work life that have been very successful in their industry. If you have children and/or grandchildren, you can spend more time with them as school lets out for a few weeks. They have lots of crazy ideas and a different perspective on the world. You may be able to travel, and leave your day-to-day existence behind. Get caught up on reading or whatever other hobby you need to catch up on. All of these opportunities are available to help you imagine a different way of doing things, and perhaps disrupt your industry. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, there are several steps you should take: Let your mind wander. Take your mind off of work. While this may seem counter-intuitive to many, the best way to come up with new ways of doing things at work is to explore non-work activities. Be in the moment during the holiday season. Leave the office behind for as much of the day as you can. It will still be there after the holidays. Reflect for a few minutes a day. Think about what the day has included, and perhaps ponder some ways of improving things at work, whether it be new products, new services or new processes. Record your thoughts. As you are reflecting, and perhaps coming up with Maybe's and What If's, write them down. Type them in your laptop. Use an audio recorder. Do whatever it takes to capture what your imagination has come up with. Even recording a few day’s thoughts will leave you in a great position to hit the new year with innovative ideas to improve your company’s business position. Have a great Holiday season, and see you in the New Year! Book Available Right Now Visit,, or your favourite location to order a copy of Infectious Innovation today! New Year Surprises While everyone has plans for the holidays, my plans include getting married! To celebrate, I plan to offer new things in the New Year. Watch for my next newsletter in the first week of January for full details. Contact Us Today Have some feedback? We love to hear what subscribers are thinking. Please reply to:
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