Last night there was a risk of frost, and it looks like at least another week of good “warmer” weather ahead with no risk of frost. So I went about the gardens and made provisions for the impending chill that would end the tomatoes, peppers and late squash from sudden destruction, I was Not concerned about the Kale, peas, garlic, potatoes ( we had already harvested them) onions, beets, lettuce ( newly planted) and the turnips. I forgot about the eggplant. While out and about we found some puff balls in various stages of development, I have been waiting for this kind of weather we’re these delectable fungus thrive, that was the big opportunity I waited patiently for. I had found two huge decayed puff balls in the meadow, one last fall and one this summer when I was sycthing. Opportunities, I knew they would return, just their nature. This morning I started cutting the puff balls up, the first one I was concerned That perhaps it was too old, one slice and the evidence clearly showed I was too late to be fit from that opportunity, but the next one I cut was ready and into the frying pan it went with a little coconut oil to get it crackling and my it turned out delicious. I put the other two big Balkan in the fridge and am planning on eating them and thinkin who might like to share a slice or two with. I offered a piece to our friend Anthony and he declined, wasn’t husband cup of tea, which surprised me as he was quite knowledgeable about the fungus world. I wrote this little commentary for two purposes, firstly to see who would like a slice of the opportunity, to try it, I know it’s good food and rare. Second to bring up an analogy that opportunities like this happen in our investment business every once in awhile, markets crash, decline and great investment opportunity is presented. I am getting the warning signs, and I am preparing for the call, the moment that you can pick in great abundance, with delightful extra profit. Doesn’t always happen, there was no frost this morning, it did get cold, was prepared, we did find some good stuff while preparing and I feel pretty good about the whole exercise, that’s kinda like planning and reviewing your plans when we are meeting discussing the future, are we on track, can we weather the frost, I get the idea, hopefully you get a little insight as well, as Mike says, the excersizes are necessary hard or spelled right, it’s a lot of mind over the matter. Sometimes you have to  Feel the pain, to get the gain, control your breathing, but breathe properly, do the exercise properly and enjoy the long term benefits and in the process correct long term problems that we gather through out our lives. 

I could go on :)   In the meantime 

So who wants a slice ? 





No frost today

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