Mushroom adventures


Decided to learn a bit more about growing mushrooms. So invested in a couple mushroom kits. 

Have had them for a couple weeks and figured I better do something with them. 

The Oyster Mushroom wasn’t waiting for me, and thus the shrooms are starting to develop, so cool. 

Anyway, it wasn’t that hard to get them ready, cut some holes in the bags, and away we go. Now don’t laugh, I was actually out looking for pieces of wood to plant my kits in. Note to self, read instructions first. That was already taken care of , thus the word “kit” . Digging a little deeper, one can purchase the serum and that will require the logs I was searching for, so not all a waste. 

The link above is actually worth a read, inspirational , background on the business that I purchased the kits from. They are out of Quebec and have resurrected a old mushroom farm. Looks like some innovative ideas percolating there. So glad I purchased there, great story.

Learning about what we eat and grow is a good investment in our health, and mental space, helps one appreciate things more, and with time, helps one become more frugal with our resources. There is a certain satisfaction about growing your own food. 

Invested in some books as well about finding and utilizing  the wild mushrooms that we see on our journeys. My favourite mushroom growing up turns out is called Meadow or Horse Mushroom. I know where to find them and when. The challenge is getting there. Next time, I plan to gather and then resettle some closer to home.  

This fall we were blessed with Puff Balls, we had fun with harvesting and eating them. 

Chaga , our fungus from the birch tree, with its healing properties is a daily addition to our hydration adventures. 

Looking forward to our next meal served with our own delectable King Oyster Mushrooms and Shiitake mushrooms, both I have never eaten before. The adventure continues , “Be The Adventure” 

Also got a message from our shipper that the button mushrooms should arrive on Monday. 

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  • Our button mushroom order was cancelled by shipper, got word on Friday, will have to try a new source 


    the King Oyster mushrooms are growing well, we will harvest one in next day or so. Growing quite large now and developing some gills 

  • A day after the previous photo 


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  • This one, our friend Lisa snabbed off a tree on one out of hikes at Jones Creek. Still trying to figure out what it is. Definitely a pore type.



    We found these on birch trees, I’m not a hundred percent, but  have figured that they are Artists Conk, not edible, can be made into a medicinal tea. Contains polysaccharides and triterpenoids . Will need to dry them a bit more and then grind them up for the tea mixture. Alternatively, they make nice decorations. 


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