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  • 1. Trust others, especially if they not only offer you food but also feed it to you.

    2. When someone opens the gate, run, buck, and live like there's no tomorrow.

    3. Be resilient. Bounce back and recover from times you've been pushed back.

    4. Be accepting of others, even humans (even if they smell a little weird).

    5. Lay in the sunshine. The sun makes everyone a little happier, and you also need some vitamin D.

    6. Greet people with eagerness. Keep that desire.

    7. Don't be scared to get out and explore. Eat the dirt, smell the grass, greet the dogs, and even squeeze through the fence sometimes.

    8. Be yourself, even if your friends think it's a little weird if you try to lick them.

    9. Don't conform to the norm. If someone tries to pen you in, it's okay to rebel.

    10. But it's also okay to be put on the halter sometimes. We all need a little structure.

    11. Love others, even if they aren't your momma. Love makes the world go round.

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