Happy What !

Happy What !

Reflecting a bit, the other thing that bugs me, lol, really, lol , this woke agenda of being afraid to write or wish someone a Merry Christmas. I recommend that if you are going to take the day off, or buy a Christmas present, you should respect at least the name of the season. My recommendation is the following .... “ Wishing You a Merry Christmas , a Happy New Year and All The Best This Holiday Season ! “

Wrap that with a bow and it will be more uplifting and encouraging message of appreciation than Happy Holidays which is kind-a blah if you think about, assuming we/you are wishing to express a solid Christmas cheer, inline with the spirit of the season, and let us never forget the reason for the season, and yes Virginia, it's Jesus, .... Santa, time off work, meeting family, friends, rascals, turkey, pumpkin pie and making money are just along for the ride.



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