Full Circle

Well, It's Nov 19th, 2017 a Sunday morning and I'm back on the Ning Network relearning about this community platform. I first used this platform about 8 years ago. I had setup omegastewarship.ning.com for my business and govern.ning.com when I ran for Council in Elizabethtown. I'm kind frugal and I was enjoying the benefits of their free site and then they changed, I wasn't big enough to have the paying ones, so when they changed I was not too happy, I did subscribe for awhile, however in those days, Facebook was just getting going and that was free, and I also had a few blogs on the Blog.ca site which was a small annual fee. I made a decision to abandon the Ning site, I had multiple options which seemed to be very cost effective, so made a decision to do so. Now, here I am "Full Circle".

Right away, I am impressed, and remember how simple and flowing this platform was. So, first five minutes, I'm signed up,  I'm engaged and feeling good about this decision. 

As I am doing this first blog, I am thinking a variety of thoughts. One of the things I would like to do is setup business's and all the little things that are required to do so, I'm very good at it. I think it is a marketable value added service and have had some good success helping others get going with their ideas. So, I'm going to add a few tips along the way which can help anyone launch that great idea on a good foundation. If your just starting out or wanting to rebrand your business or change the structure, you will be able to seek our Family Office here at Brock Shores Financial and we will be able to support your dream. 

Well I better stop, and go for a walkabout ad get some fresh air and enjoy the fresh snow that is falling, make some tracks.

Have a blessed day

Timothy Ross, CEO & Founder, Brock Shores Financial  #ImprovingFutures

PS: leave some comments, tips of your own, links that helped you, the good and the bad, this is our community, your contributions are appreciated. 

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