Courage to Change

Some opening thoughts the day after I got things started to make the change to create Brock Shores Financial and transition my business for the future 

Courage to change, to take another step forward to improve the future of Timothy Ross & Associates as I approach 30 years of service. My goal as the founder of Brock Shores Financial is to build on this foundation> Looking forward to being able to bring additional value to our associates, advocates, clients, customers, prospects, my growing team and our beautiful dynamic community that is rowing together, building bridges to the future, striving, facing the challenges ahead and improving the future. Brock Shores Financial is being birthed and nurtured so I can continue to make a difference, now and for the future, to build on this solid foundation and so we can become all we can be for the future.


Timothy Ross, Family Advisor ®, CEO & Founder, Brock Shores Financial Corp , formally Timothy Ross & Associates , since 1988, Family Office providing Omega Stewardship ®

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