2019 P Clear

Well, it’s 2019, and the year has some challenges already. I just wrote a nice little introduction and I inadvertently didn’t save it and swiped it off my phone. It was a really good reflection, and now I have to start over ! Lesson learned, once again, save as you go along. 

So, this spot is going to be were I dump some of the tough , crappy stuff I find during my travels with the thought that I will be aware, and have the info should I need to remember and reflect on it. It will not be all negative, so the spot is half full and half empty. It will be like a well, hopefully not  a sewer, yet some sluge will seep in. I simply for awhile don’t want to spread  fear, yet do not want to be ignorant of the fact that we have some very fearful items on the world list. 

So, I will endeavour to keep it balanced , and I encourage one to run it all through a filter as there will likely be some parts that don’t sit well. 

When we were on the mountain, we had to drink lots of water. It was critical to our success and health. The water acted like a cleansing agent and it provided additional oxygen to our bodies as the higher altitudes resulted in less available oxygen to use. This extra hydration helped our brains from basically blowing up. The major side effect was one had to pee a lot , at least my personal experience and if you were not peeing clear, you needed to drink more. We would get our water bottles and water backpacks filled every night. My pack was 3 litres and I had a couple bottles so about 5 litres of clear water plus our liquid soups, coffee and teas. A lot of liquid, thus a lot of pressure on the bladder. But it was good. Frankly, I need to drink more, side note to self. 

So, my biggest problem so far this year was writing something twice, it’s a bit different than the first time, be sure and save your work as you go along. 

This article is about as bad as it gets from a global perspective . Guess that’s a good place to start. War and the threat of war. 





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